Pin Up Casino Legality In India – Is Gambling Legal in India?

July 4, 2024
Pin Up Casino Legality In India - Is Gambling Legal in India? (

Previously, we explored the best virtual casino games to play in July 2024. Now, we will delve into Pin Up Casino Legality In India. Due to India’s complex gaming regulations, there are concerns over the legality of Pin Up Casino in that country. Know if online gambling is legal in India and what rules apply to such activities…..

India’s legal system, which reflects the country’s rich and diverse cultural and social environment, has long made gambling a divisive topic. State and central government laws impact the legality of gambling, even on online gambling websites. This results in a complex and often ambiguous legal landscape about gambling. However, Pin Up Casino is legal in most Indian states.

On the other hand, many states ban online gambling within their borders. This is because different states have different gambling laws. India has a central gambling law that prohibits offline gambling, but makes no mention of online gambling. Actually, allowing or banning online gambling is subject to the gambling laws of the specific state. This article explores the legality of Pin Up Casino in India and gives a detailed overview of the current legal status of the gaming industry in that country.

Indian Gambling Laws

Indian gambling laws are set by the central government. Consequently, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 banned land-based gambling in India. However, this old law has not been amended to ban online gambling. That’s why users can play casino games or bet on sports events on online gambling platforms. 

Nevertheless, it is still outside the scope of Indian gambling laws.

Gambling is a very profitable market that brings in a lot of revenue for the government, as gamers’ winnings are taxed. For this reason, Indian states have started making their own laws to circumvent the central gambling law. Some states have completely legalized both online and offline gaming. Both physical casinos and online casinos are legal in Indian states like Sikkim and Goa and union territory like Daman & Diu. On the other hand, some Indian states have banned online gambling.

Pin Up Casino: Legal Status in India

Pin Up Casino, an online gambling platform, offers sports betting, multiple casino games, and other gambling services. The gambling platform operates under a license obtained from a foreign jurisdiction, making its legal status in India complex. Pin Up Casino is not directly subject to Indian law as it is run under a foreign license. People from Indian states where online gambling is allowed can register on Pin Up Casino and enjoy gambling. But, players from Indian states where online gambling is banned may face legal risks when they access this platform.

A large number of Indian people trust the Pin Up Casino website for casino gaming entertainment every day. The credibility of this casino is very high as it has gaming licensing from the reputed casino licensing body. The casino has obtained the Curacao e-gaming license. Moreover, on this casino website, you can play casino games from leading game developers like RTG, Microgaming, IGT, Ezugi, Play’n GO and others. Due to the latest RNG technology, the games offered by the platform are entirely fair.

Is Pin Up Casino Safe in India?

Yes! Pin Up Casino is one of the safest online casinos available in India. The bookmaker takes player security very seriously. All customer data on the betting site is encrypted with 256-bit SSL technology. Pin Up also offers secure payment options, including Visa, RuPay, UPI, and others that ensure seamless transactions. Players can use these payment gateways to deposit and withdraw money. Additionally, the casino has an extremely strict Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy.

Is It Legal to Use Pin Up Casino App in India?

Yes! You can play at Pin Up Casino app as it is legal in India. You can access the gaming app from any Indian state where gambling is permitted. Although most Indian states do not ban online gambling, several states have enacted special laws that prohibit gambling in any form – be it offline or online.

The Pin Up Casino app is currently available for Android smartphones, and the bookmaker intends to launch its iOS version in India soon. The download link for the app can be found under the “Download.apk Android” button at the bottom of the casino site’s home page.

Where is Pin Up Casino Legal in India?

Sports betting and playing online casinos are permitted in the Indian state of Sikkim. The Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act, 2008 has made this possible. This gaming law aims to allow players in the state to engage in both online and offline gaming. Gambling enthusiasts from Indian states like Bihar, Arunachal Pradesh, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, and Gujarat, where it is completely legal, will be able to place bets at Pin Up Casino or enjoy various casino games without any hesitation.

Since central law does not ban gambling completely, several Indian states have passed laws that essentially ban online gaming. For instance, residents of Tamil Nadu are prohibited from engaging in any kind of gambling within the state under the Tamil Nadu Online Gambling Prohibition and Online Games Regulation Act. So, residents of those states will not be able to access Pin Up Casino to play.

List of States in India Where Online Gambling is Legal/Prohibited

  • Arunachal Pradesh – Legal 
  • Goa – Legal
  • Bihar – Legal
  • Chhattisgarh – Legal 
  • Haryana – Legal 
  • Andhra Pradesh – Prohibited
  • Assam – Prohibited
  • Gujarat – Legal
  • Karnataka – Legal 
  • Himachal Pradesh – Legal 
  • Jharkhand – Legal 
  • Kerala – Legal 
  • Madhya Pradesh – Legal 
  • Maharashtra – Legal
  • Manipur – Legal 
  • Punjab – Legal
  • Sikkim – Legal 
  • Meghalaya – Legal 
  • Mizoram – Lagal 
  • Nagaland – Legal 
  • Odisha – Prohibited 
  • Rajasthan – Legal 
  • West Bengal – Legal 
  • Uttar Pradesh – Legal
  • Tamil Nadu – Prohibited 
  • Telangana – Prohibited 
  • Tripura – Legal 
  • Uttarakhand – Legal 

Attention! Be aware of changes and keep yourself updated on a daily basis!

Final Word 

The legality of Pin Up Casino in India depends on the specific laws of your state. It is legal in those Indian states where online gambling is legal, but in states where online gambling is prohibited, Pin Up Casino will be illegal. People from those specific states will not be allowed to play at Pin Up Casino. The legality of online gambling platforms in India is a complex issue that is affected by a patchwork of central and state laws. While some states have adopted regulated gambling, others maintain strict restrictions.

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