Reload bonuses

Bonuses and perks given by online casinos to their players are just like a gift for their efforts and investment in the casino site. Such bonuses will encourage the players to play more and stay active on the casino site. These small giveaways are beneficial for casinos in the long term. Especially, giving bonuses to new players will make them feel special and invest more time and money in the casino account. In every aspect of activities certain bonuses are given to the players like players are given rewards for their first deposit, their first profit, after successfully registering, and even for the losses too.

One such bonus given to the players is the reload bonus. The reload bonus is one of the promotional bonuses offered to encourage the players to make deposits. In this type of bonus, the players are rewarded with some percentage of their deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 then some percentage of your deposit will be delivered by the casino in your casino account, if the reload bonus is 40% then you will get $40 deposited to your account instantly. Here, we will know all about the reload bonuses.

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What is a reload bonus?

The reload bonus is a popular type of bonus given to the existing players by the online casino. After the activation of the first bonus, you will start getting the reload bonus every time you make a deposit. For example, if you deposit $200 in your casino wallet and if your reload bonus is 50% then you will get $100 as a reward which will be credited to your casino account instantly. The value of the reload bonus varies from casino to casino. Usually, it is around 50% to 150%, and even more in some casinos.

The players who are a part of the loyalty program of VIP members will get an even more reload bonus. So, while registering in any casino you need to make a deposit then only you can enjoy the reload bonus. Not only cash, but some of the casinos also offer other rewards along with cash like free spins, discounts, and many more. The main motive of the reload bonus is to encourage the players to make new deposits and recover their losses as playing more games using the bonus will result in more wins.

Types of reload bonuses?

Reload bonuses come in different sizes and variations depending on the player’s profile and casino policies. However, there are for most common types of reload bonuses, below mentioned are the types of reload bonuses, let’s have a look:

Payment method bonuses: The online casinos use different types of payment gateways to receive payments from the users, this includes e-wallets, pre-paid, credit cards, and many more. However, if the casino wants to promote a specific type of payment method then the offer is released with a giveaway of reload bonus. You will get some incentives after depositing the mentioned payment gateway. Make sure to read the terms and conditions before making a deposit.

Bonus funds: This is the most common type of reload bonus where the player will get a certain percentage of their deposit as reload bonus in their casino account instantly. Mostly the bonus funds are depending upon the deposit made by you like 30% on the deposit up to $100 and 50% on deposits up to $500, or even more.

Special reload promotions: The special reload bonuses are offered by the online casinos on any special occasion like the anniversary of the casino, your birthday, huge winning or loss, and many more. These bonuses are specialized as per the occasion like if your birthday is on the 30th of the month then you will get about a 30% as reload bonus on any deposit.

Free spin reload bonus: Getting free spins as a reload bonus is interesting. Online casinos used to deliver some free spins along with the bonus funds. These spins can be used on any of your favorite slots and reels. These slots offer jackpot winnings too. If you are lucky enough, you can win a huge prize.

Terms and conditions of reload bonus

It is important for a casino to present some terms and conditions along with the bonuses in order to maintain a balance. Otherwise, players will immediately withdraw their winnings or bonus funds after claiming. This can lead to huge losses to the online casino. Same with the reload bonus, it comes with some terms and conditions. Never think that you will get the casino’s bonus money for free.

Usually, the terms and conditions may vary from casino to casino but below mentioned are the universal ones:

Time limit:

The bonus awarded by you will never stay forever. The casino reloads bonuses can be used within a specific period. The time limit may vary from 50 to 90 days or even less in some online casinos. Keep in mind that all the money you get will be lost if not used within the time allotted.

Game limit:

Note that the reload bonus money can not be used to play all the games available on the online casino. There are some limits and restrictions that come along with the reload bonus. It is depending upon your reload bonus types, the bonus can only be redeemed in a few games. If anything contrary is performed by you, you will lose both your efforts and money. That is why it is important to read all the terms and conditions.

Wagering requirements:

After researching on the online casinos we have found that even the beat reload bonus also has some reload bonuses. The wagering requirements meant the playthrough of the bonus. You need to play certain times like 20× to 50× in order to withdraw your bonus or winnings made using the bonus amount. Suppose you have to make a deposit of $100 and get $100 as a reload bonus with 20× wagering requirements. Then you need to spend $2000 extra to withdraw your $100.


The most important and ignored requirement that comes with the reload bonuses is the winning limit. There is a certain amount that can be won using the reload bonus. One can not claim a higher amount than the maximum limit. So, always read out the terms and conditions to avoid over-expectations from your reload bonus. Like some bonuses are restricted to the winnings of their multiples, if you got $500 as reload bonus then you can claim only $5000.


There is a restriction on reload bonus that the money is used to play a specific game only for a few times. The players can not spend all the money playing a single game. The maximum and minimum bets are mentioned in the terms and conditions.

How to use a reload bonus?

First of all, keep your reload bonus for a hold by keeping in mind the expiry time. Never ever use all your reload bonuses in over excitement quickly after claiming. You need to build a strategy and work accordingly. There are a few factors to be considered while making a strategy like the terms and conditions of the bonus. Never avoid any single term while using the bonus to play games, it may waste both your time and efforts. For example, if your reload bonus has a maximum winning limit of $500 and you bet on a game with a minimum winning limit of $1000. Here you can not get a single penny even if you win the jackpot.

Also before making the deposit keep in mind to understand the pattern of the reload bonus you got from your casino. Like some casinos used to give a fixed reload bonus every time to the players after making a deposit. Here it is beneficial to make small deposits every day rather than making a big one in a month. Here, you will get the same bonus on small deposits as well as big deposits.

But in case the casino offers a certain percentage of the deposit as reload bonus then making a big deposit at a time is beneficial. As you need to give less banking transaction fees as well as other taxes for transferring money. After getting a reload bonus the main question has arisen, how to use the money. Well! Utilize the funds in the best possible way with the following all terms and conditions. This will give maximum profit out of small efforts.

How to claim the reload bonus?

Reload bonus is good not just for playing games but also to uplift your profile status. You are also rewarded with the loyalty points by making new deposits. If you have no idea, how to claim the reload bonus, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. First of all, you need to choose the best reload bonus casino over the internet. Our recommended casinos list will help you in doing so.
  2. Now, register in the casino and verify from email. Make sure to read all the terms and conditions, and claim the welcome bonus.
  3. Here, you will be automatically revert to the reload bonus page once you play using your first deposit. Keep in mind to read the terms and conditions of the reload bonus too. Look whether you need a code to get the bonus or need to activate it from the settings.
  4. Deposit the money to your casino account and start playing your favorite games. Once you meet all wagering requirements the earnings and bonus amount is ready to be cashed out.

Difference between a welcome bonus and reload bonus?

 Many people think the welcome bonus and reload bonus are the same thing but they are not. To make it clear to you we have provided some key differences between the welcome bonus and reload bonus. Both the welcome and reload bonuses are available in almost all the online casinos but the welcome bonus is awarded to new players while reload bonus is to the existing players. And the amount of the welcome bonus can be around 500% in some casinos whereas the reload bonus ranges between 30% to 150% sometimes.

The reload bonus always comes along with some wagering requirements and the welcome bonus also has some wagering requirements but in case of no-wager spins. Players get the bonus with no wagering requirements. You can always see the free spins in your welcome bonus while the reload bonus does not always include the free spins. The welcome bonus can only be claimed a single time whereas the reload bonus is claimed as many times as you make a new deposit.

The major difference between both the bonus is that the welcome bonus has higher wagering requirements due to the higher bonus amount whereas the reload bonus has fewer wagering requirements because of less amount awarded. Hope you know the difference between both bonuses. 

Perks come with reload bonuses

Reload bonuses are not only awarded in the form of money or free spins. There are many perks and benefits that are awarded along with the reload bonuses. Below mentioned are a few of them:

Loyalty points: Loyalty points will help you to get into the loyalty program of online casinos. Where you can enjoy several incentives like higher deposit limits, minimum withdrawal limits, cashback offers, and many more. The number of loyalty points usually depends on the deposit made to you.

Improve profile level: There is a profile xp level given to the players to buy online casinos, it will help them to identify the experience and loyalty of the players. To get a reload bonus you need to make a deposit which indirectly improves your xp level and highlights your profile.

Advantages and disadvantages of reload bonus

It is not possible that anything can be perfect, if it is perfect for a person, it may disappoint others. The same with the reload bonuses, they have both pros and cons. You need to know the advantages and disadvantages of reload bonus before claiming it. This will help you to know whether the bonus is good for you or not, if it is not beneficial for you you can go for other bonuses, below mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of reload bonus:


Obviously, all these benefits do not mean that the reload bonuses are always good for you. There are a few reasons which let you to skin the bonus:

Why choose our listed best reload bonus casinos?

Most of our visitors and online gamblers find it difficult to choose the online casino which offers the best reload bonus. As most of the reviews are paid and fake. To make it easy for you we have tested the top online casinos and find out a few in our recommendation list. You can choose any of the online casinos from our list and start your gambling journey. There are some aspects and factors we consider before listing the best reload bonus casino. Here are some of these factors: 

Authenticity: We only recommend registered and legal online casinos so that you do not face any legal issues further.

Country: Not all casinos give bonuses in all countries. We have listed casinos along with the countries where you can claim bonuses.

Minimum Wagering requirements: It is better to go for a casino with fewer wagering requirements. Our team read the terms and conditions of all casinos and listed them accordingly.

Payment methods: A casino is useless if you can not make a deposit or withdraw your winnings. We have shortlisted the casinos on the basis of their payment gateway. Make sure to read the terms and conditions and look whether the payment methods you are using are supported by the online casinos.


Reload bonuses are good for the players and will aid you to play in bigger stakes, and for a longer time. After getting a welcome bonus and other perks, you can claim the reload bonus after every deposit. But keep in mind, some casinos have a minimum deposit limit for claiming the reload bonus. For example, the reload bonus can only be awarded for deposits over $500 or more. More importantly, read the terms and conditions of the bonuses you want to claim.

FAQ about reload bonus in online casinos


  • Can we cash out the reload bonus?

    It is difficult to make a payout request for cash-out your bonus as such bonuses come along with some playthrough requirements. You are required to meet all these playthrough requirements in the given time. As there is an expiry period for the reload bonus, if you complete all the playthrough requirements on time then you can withdraw your bonus easily.

  • What type of games can I play using reload bonus?

    The reload bonuses are non-uniform and are determined by the casino operators. The casinos can restrict or limit the use of reload bonuses in any way they want. Usually, the reload bonuses can only be used with a few games. So, you need to read out all the terms and conditions of reload before accepting anything from it.

  • How much reload bonus can it get at online casinos?

    The reload bonus depends upon the deposit made to you. Some casinos used to offer around 50% reload bonus while a few will also offer about 100% or 150% of the deposit made to you as reload bonus. That is why it is recommended to compare the bonuses before choosing any online casino and starting your gambling journey.

  • Why is the reload bonus useful?

    Reload bonus is one of the most useful bonuses offered by the online casino, there are two reasons for the same. When you make a deposit in your casino account, the bonus will add up to 50-150% of the total amount. Moreover, the reload bonus is available forever, whenever you make a deposit you will get the bonus.

  • Do terms and conditions apply to reload bonuses?

    Yes, a lot of terms and conditions are applied to reload bonuses because they include the casino’s fund, so casinos need to make sure no one will take the bonus for their benefit. The terms and conditions work as an aid for the online casinos which prevent the players to misuse the funds or withdraw them without playing games.

  • Is it easy to claim a reload bonus?

    Some casinos are used to deliver the reload bonuses to the players instantly after they deposit while you need to claim it yourself in other casinos. The option to claim the reload bonus should be available on the promotion page of the online casino. However, in most cases, the bonus will be automatically transferred to your casino account after the deposit.