What are online casino slots?

Casino slots are one of the most popular games globally, due to its extremely easy gameplay and the thrill factor. You have to spin the reel, and wait for a certain combination of symbols to show up, in order to win. Even if you are new to the casino slots game, it won’t take long before you can master real online slots and start winning big.

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Take a look at how you can play online casino slots:

How do slots machines work?

Whether you play in an online or land-based casino, slots machines are controlled using advanced software these days. A random number generator (RNG) is used to decide which symbols end up on the screen once you spin the reel. The entire process is fair, and no cheating is involved in a casino slots game.

Apart from the RNG, there is colourful graphics to make the experience exciting visually and more immersive. The animations used in online casino slots enhance the overall feel of the game big time. The sound effects too create a more realistic ambience.  The operation of slots machines take place in two phases:

Placing Bets  

In the earlier version of online slots, you would have to select the coin size, number of pay lines and number of coins per pay line to decide the total bet. Coin size and number of coins per pay line depends upon the bankroll. Nowadays, there are various symbols on the reels instead of just coins. Each symbol has a different value and hitting certain combinations of symbols could lead to a win. Pay lines are patterns where symbols need to land to form winning combinations. Some slots could have fixed pay lines, while others might come with several pay lines. Look at the pay table and place your bet accordingly.


After placing your bets, go ahead and click the Spin button. The bet amount is subtracted from your balance. When the reels come to a stop, you get the final alignment of symbols on your screen. The software is programmed to check for the required number of symbols in active pay lines and awards payouts.

Check for the payouts in the payout table. The final win can be displayed as a multiplier of the bet amount or absolute amounts as per the bet. If you have won anything, your balance will reflect that amount. There are multiple win possibilities, so the overall payout could be less than the total bet.  If you wish, you can spin again with the same or a different bet. 

How to play online slots in India?

It is relatively easy to play online casino slots, but you should surely follow the instructions about each slot prior to the game. Make sure to study the pay table and RTP (return to player) – it is the percentage that denotes the amount of money a player can expect to win from their bet.

Here is how you should get started:

3-reel gaming slots

The classic 3-reel gaming slots are simplest. You just have to get a matching combination of three identical symbols on the middle reel to win. Modern video gaming slots are all the more thrilling and available in various forms. You could opt for a 5-reel slot where you have to get a combination of identical symbols anywhere across the reels – zigzag, diagonally, or straight line. There are several pay lines, and you get to choose the one to place your bet on. The fewer pay lines you bet on at gaming slots, the lesser possibilities for winning.

Another aspect of slot machines that affect the payout is variance or volatility. Before you begin to play, this feature tells you if a slot game offers high returns and the frequency of those wins. 

Types of online slots machines

There are several kinds of online slots machines, so you might get confused. Don’t worry – this section will help you understand gaming slots, much more clearly:

Classic Slots

The classic slots have three reels, and generally use symbols like diamonds, fruits, bars, and 7s. These games take place rapidly, and generally don’t have bonus features.

Branded Slots

This version is quite popular nowadays. Branded slots are developed via licensing agreements and use content based on movies, television serials, popular games, sports celebrities and rock bands.

Video Slots

These jackpot slots have five reels, or sometimes more and are called Video Slots. Content is quite thematic, while audio visual side effects boost the experience. There are free games and pick objects bonuses. 

Progressive Slots

The biggest payout isn’t fixed, and only keeps increasing with each bet. The player, who wins the progressive jackpot, gets the entire ticker amount at that time. You can achieve a jackpot randomly, or via a bonus game or combination of symbols. 

Types of slot bonuses in India

There are numerous ways to cash in on slot bonuses in India. Just make sure to meet the specific criteria. Here goes:

Slots Deposit Bonus

If you want to score extra money at jackpot slots, this bonus is ideal for you. It is a percentage ranging between 50% and 300%. Your bankroll goes up by placing a deposit, thanks to this bonus. Make sure to check the minimum and maximum rates, and find out if the bonus is applicable to your favourite slots. 

No Deposit Slots Bonus

This is also known as free slots bonus – please ensure you don’t skip this. You get free money from the slots casino to spin the reels. This type of promotion is usually offered with the launch of a new game. But the terms and conditions are tricky and this bonus is rare. 

Bonus Codes for Slots

You get bonus codes as a special online slots promotion. New or existing players often find these promotions in their email. The bonus amount depends on the casino site and the slots promo code itself. For instance, it could be a combination of free slots spins or a slots deposit bonus. 

Slots Welcome Bonus

Gambling sites try to attract new players by offering a welcome bonus. It could be several types of promotions, which are usually activated after you make the first deposit.

Sign Up Bonus Slots

When you sign up at the casino, you get some free money to spin the reels, or a round of free spins. At times, you will receive a sign-up bonus slots promotion only after making the first deposit. Please read the terms and conditions carefully.

Slots Free Spins

You can get some real money free spins when registering at a new online casino, becoming a VIP member, signing up for a loyalty program, or even placing a deposit.

Free Spins No Deposit

This bonus is rare, and similar to the free slots bonus, free spins deposit bonus and no deposit slots bonus. It differs because you don’t have to place any deposit, and get the free spins either way.

Well-known strategy tips for slots online

Online slots are a game of luck, so there is no fixed strategy that you can follow. However, the following pointers will be useful:

Choose a playing style

If you are playing with real money at jackpot slots, make sure you are confident about your gaming style. For instance, do you wish to place large bets for every spin? How long should you continue playing? These questions help to gamble responsibly because you understand just how much to invest. Thus, you don’t keep playing just to cover losses and end up losing even more. 

Pick the right slot 

Casino slots have several types and variations, some of them are more difficult than others. If there are too many bonus features, it could become tough to play the game. Yes, bonus features are enjoyable and help you win more. But, if you are a newbie, it is best to choose a simple game, and work your way up, as you get more experience. For example, a stand-alone jackpot can be an amazing choice if you wish to win frequently but don’t care about big sums. These jackpots are minor, but can still be hit a few times as you play. 

Play the game before placing a bet

Before you actually wager some real money, opt for free trials of the slots machine. This is necessary so you understand the concept of the game, and know what it offers. You can determine if spending money on it is worthwhile or not. 

Seek out higher denominations

Slot machines with higher denominations might give you a better chance to hit a winning combination. Use them as frequently as you can due to their highest payout percentage. Every slots payout percentage depends upon the cost per spin. Thus, the proportion of the jackpot slot’s payback goes up with the increasing denomination. 

Find out which online slots are lucrative

If you aren’t winning anything from online slots even after playing for a while, it is best to move on. Even if you play at a slot with high RTP, winning is not definite, as some slots have better RTP than others, so the house edge is lower. Regardless of how well you gamble online, slots will give you something new with every spin. So it is advisable to understand the concept of an RNG and proceed accordingly.

Network vs. local jackpots

Local jackpot slots generally relate to a particular casino, and the funds come from customers playing that very slot machine. Network jackpot means the jackpot changes for the same game from casino to casino. They are available in multi-slot formats, as a wide network of online casinos collaborate to offer a humongous jackpot, which goes up with every game!

Don’t forget about bonus spins

Online casinos always seek innovative ways to lure new players into the game. Some give free spins on certain online slots; to not only tempt new players, but to attract returning ones too. This is an excellent chance to play for free. When spins are free of charge, you get to see how a particular online slot works, how to place bets, and so on. You might even win some money!

Playing slots for real money

You are welcome to play at big win slots with real money. But before you do so, please consider the RTP:

It is advisable to play at slot machines with an RTP of 97% if you want to increase chances of winning. 

Check out some features of real money big win slots:


Wild symbols in a casino slots game offers a chance to create a winning line, where a wild symbol is used to substitute whichever symbol happens to be missing. Wild symbols can be either static or dynamic. For example, in some video slots, these symbols could trigger bonus rounds or expanding symbols. It works in your favour and opens up more opportunities for securing a win. 


These symbols don’t have to appear on the win line to fetch points for you. In fact, regardless of where a scatter symbol appears; if you see it, you win. The prizes might not just be monetary. Often scatter symbols indicate the beginning of an interactive bonus round, where you can unlock some free spins too, along with cash prizes You can also win progressive jackpots. In order to see a return on your bet, you generally to get a certain number of scatter symbols to appear simultaneously.


Multipliers in a casino slots game, offer players the chance to boost wins by two, five, or even ten times their actual value. These symbols, like scatters and wilds, could pop up randomly on the reels, and improve the excitement of the game big time! Even if you have placed a small bet, it offers you a chance to win. Multipliers typically appear in bonus and free spin rounds, but could be available in the base game too. Some scatter and wild symbols could act like multipliers at the same time, boosting your winnings. 

These features make the experience all the more fun, and if you play carefully, you might win a good amount as well. A word of caution would be to verify if the casino you have chosen is reliable, because if there is trouble later on, you could stand to lose hard-earned money even if you play at big win slots

Play slots for free

Most online casinos come with a no-download instant play option. It is a demo mode, which gives you an incredible playing experience, so you can learn what the game is about, understand the pay lines, and find out about the rules, before investing real money. You also get to know about bonus rounds, features, and possible payouts.

FAQ About Slots -

FAQs about slots

  • What is a pay table and pay line?

    The pay line is literally a line extending from one side of the slot window to the other. When the wheels stop spinning, the icons under the pay line have to align in a certain order. Earlier versions of slot machines had a single pay line at the centre. But modern versions have different geometric shapes, and zigzag across the screen through the icons. 

    The pay table is a chart that displays how much you can win on a bet of a particular value for a certain pay line. Online slot machines have pay tables that are unique to their patterns.

  • What is a progressive jackpot?

    This type of jackpot is where the money accumulates every time you play at the big win slots. Progressive jackpots can be linked to a single game, or involve multiple slot machines at the online casino, where they have a combined jackpot award. 

  • Are online slot machines actually random?

    If you choose a licensed and regulated site, they will be random. As mentioned above, these slots use RNG software to guarantee fairness in every game. RNG’s of credible sites are always validated and certified by third party authorities, while being recognized at GLI (Gaming Laboratories International) or eCOGRA (eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance).

  • Is there a trick to winning jackpots?

    Slot machines are random, so there is no secret as such. At times, you just have to use common sense. Play on the best sites with the highest paying percentages. The chances of winning jackpots are integrated into those percentages. However, you have to understand if your bet makes you eligible for the jackpot. In some games, you have to bet the maximum to qualify for the jackpot.

  • Does the payout percentage vary for free and real money slots?

    Usually it does, but you should check the rules of the online casino. Detailed information of payout percentages is provided for each slot, before you bet on the spin. Thus, you get an idea of how much you can win, if the symbols align. The payout percentage states how much of the winnings you get, while the remainder is returned to the casino. Free slots don’t display payout percentages, as the money isn’t real.

  • Do online slot machines vary from casino to casino?

    Yes they do. Various casinos carry different titles and modify payouts within the range as dictated by their licenses. But the same titles created by the same game developer have the same type of symbols, lines, features, and so on.

  • Do online casinos change the payout at slot machines?

    Yes they can do that, which is why it is imperative to play at sites that are licensed and regulated. As mentioned above, licenses set limits on a permissible slots payout percentage, which measures the return you can expect while trying your luck on the slot machine. 

  • What is the maximum you can bet on a slot?

    It depends on the slot you have bet on. The maximum bet is typically related to the amount of reels a slot has, along with the type of machine itself. For instance, if you are placing bets at a Rs. 100 slot machine with three reels, the maximum bet will likely be Rs. 300 at a time, with bigger slots generally allowing more bets. Online slots mention the minimum and maximum bet amount, so check before playing. But if you bet at a big win slot, you can win substantial amounts.

Can’t wait to get started with the big win slots? Sign up at an online casino and start spinning – who knows you might get lucky soon!