Astrocard Pay casino in India

Online gambling sites are now becoming popular among Indians and many people used to play games and win real cash through these gambling platforms. But to place a bet there is a need to deposit in the casino account. Online casinos offer different payment methods to the players to make a deposit, this includes UPI, net banking, credit card, and many more payment gateways. One of the most popular payment methods accepted by online casinos is the AstroCard Pay. 

Several Indians deposit to their casino account using prepaid cards and Astropay. These are the top payment options available in the casinos. It is very single and includes a few steps to make a deposit using Astropay. It is a safe and secure mode of transferring funds as well and offers many other benefits as well. Here, we will know more about the AstroCard Pay mode of payment.

Page about AstroPay and Astrocard Pay in India

What is Astrocard Pay?

Astrocard Pay is a popular payment method accepted by thousands of online casinos and gambling platforms across the globe. It is user-friendly and more secure than most of the other payment gateways. Indian players also adopt this payment method to deposit funds in their casino bank account. Indian Rupee is one of the most transferred currencies in online casinos using the Astrocard pay. This mode of payment does not break Indian laws of currency conversion. 

Astrocard pay has been available for a long time but it has gained popularity in the last few years. Astrocard Pay is a London-based payment company. Anyone in India can get the payment methods just by adding a little fund to the astrocard pay account. For those who want to gamble but have small funds, Astrocard Pay is the best alternative. It allows you to make deposits even with smaller funds. 

How to use AstroCard Pay in gambling?

Gambling and AstroCard pay are two different terms but are integrated with each other. Most of the online casinos and gambling platforms have Astrocard Pay as a major payment method. But a lot of people have no idea how to use Astro Card Pay. Well! This guide will assist you with the same. 

First of all, you need to choose the online casino which offers Astrocard pay payment method. There are hundreds of casinos that make it difficult for you to choose the best casino for your gambling journey. We have compared and shortlisted some casinos for you. Have a look at our listed online casinos.

Lets have a look!

Now, if you have chosen any online casinos from our listed ones then it becomes easy for you to start making deposits using Astrocard pay. After making an account on astrocard pay you need to add some funds to your astrocard pay account. This can be done using several payment methods. Then players can move these funds directly to their gambling account instantly. One of the best features offered by Astropay is that players can top-up their astrocard using cryptocurrencies. 

To add the funds to your casino account you need to visit the cashier section of the casino and select the Astropay option. The casino will ask you to enter the amount you want to deposit. Enter the amount as per your gambling needs. More importantly, keep in mind to add the amount exceeding the minimum deposit limit. Every casino has a minimum and maximum deposit limit. 

For example, if a casino has a minimum deposit limit of $10 and a maximum deposit limit of $1000, then the players can only deposit between these limits, i.e. $200, $500, or $900. You can only make a deposit exceeding the maximum limit if you are a part of the casino’s loyalty program or a VIP membership. 

Here is the step-by-step guide to using the Astrocard pay in online casinos: 

  1. First of all, select the best casinos which accept astrocard pay from our listed ones.
  2. Login or register with the casino on your device. 
  3. Go to the cashier page 
  4. Select the astrocard pay option out of hundreds of payment gateways.
  5. Select your currency 
  6. Enter the Astrocard details like your card details. 
  7. Choose the amount you want to deposit. 
  8. Verify the details once more and click on the payment option. 
  9. Your casino account will be credited with the amount you release from your astropay card. 
  10. For the first deposit, the card may take time due to verification. 

Bonuses in Astrocard pay?

Casinos are offering bonuses to the player after making a deposit, but the bonuses are determined by the terms and conditions of the casinos. Casinos offer bonuses only for deposits made using selected payment methods. If you are using Astrocard pay, then it is difficult for you to identify whether your casino is offering bonuses for making a deposit or not. Well! If you choose the casinos listed by us then no need to worry about bonuses. 

Our team has practically compared the casinos and found out some of the online casinos that offer the best bonuses for depositing funds using Astropay cards. Other than the bonuses we have considered like the wagering requirements that come along with the bonuses, whether the casino is registered or not, the number of games offered, withdrawal facilities, prize pool, reviews, and ratings from other users. For players who want to start their gambling journey, our listed casinos are the best start. 

Deposit using Astrocard pay 

Making a deposit to online casinos using Astropay is easy and includes some simple steps. If you are an online gambling player and have decided to make a payment to your online casinos using Astropay then this is your excellent choice. To make a deposit you need to visit the cashier page of the online casinos and choose the Astropay option out of hundreds of payment methods. 

Now determine the amount you want to deposit to your casino account. After entering the amount, click on the deposit option. The process takes little time and a few verifications for the first deposit. Once the first deposit is made, the process of depositing funds becomes simple for the next time. After making the deposit, the funds can be used to bet on poker, blackjack, and roulette, and hundreds of other games. 

Withdraw using Astropay 

For those who want to withdraw the winnings using Astropay, this might be disappointing for them but the withdrawal is not possible using Astrocard pay. The method is only made to pay or deposit funds to online platforms. It is a fact that Astropay is a prepaid card and can not be used to receive money. Players need to use other payment methods to withdraw their winnings. 

This might be disappointing for the Indian player who wants to make both deposits and withdrawals with the same gateway. Make sure to test the customer support of the online casino to prevent further issues. Because while withdrawing your winnings, selecting another payment method may not be accepted in some casinos. 

Fees at Astropay cards 

The biggest benefit of using the Astropay card is that there are no fees included for depositing and withdrawing money from the Astrocard side. All the processing charges are charged from the online casino side. The good news is that Astropay also provides some perks and benefits to the players for using their card tdepositit to online casinos. The payment method has partnership collaborations with some online casinos where bigger welcome bonuses and deposit incentives are given to the players who use Astrocard to make a deposit. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Astrocard Pay in online casinos 

Let us discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of using Astrocard pay in your online casinos. Everything has two aspects i.e., positive and negative. The same with the Astropay. It offers benefits at the same time there are some downfalls of the payment gateway. Below mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of using Astropay for online casinos, let’s have a look: 




Payment gateways are the most important and crucial part for online merchants as all of their payments are made using these online payment methods. Online casinos are the best example of such merchants or platforms. They will not only need the payment gateways to receive money but also for releasing the payments to the lucky winners. One of such payment methods is the Astrocard pay. It is a safer and faster method of payment than other payment gateways. However, no withdrawal feature is given to the users. The prepaid card can only be used to make a deposit.

FAQs About astropay and astropay-card

FAQ Astrocard Pay

  • Are astrology cards safe?

    Yes, astropay cards are safe and secure because they are end-to-end encrypted with high-security standards. There are no chances for the fraudsters to steal your money if you are using the Artropay because it is a prepaid card and users need to add money to their cards from their bank account using other payment methods. There is no link between your account and the card. You can only make payments using the funds deposited to your astropay card. Especially for risky platforms like online casinos, it is better to use payment methods like Astrocard pay. 

  • How to get an astropay card in India?

    If you are living in India and want your Astropay card, then you need to visit the official website of Astropay card and apply for the card. After a few verifications and on-screen steps, you are all set for the card. You will get your card within 24 hours of applying. From the official website, you can add money to your card using a variety of payment methods, including Google Pay, PhonePe, JioMoney, and Freecharge. The money added to the card is now available for the gambling purposes. 

  • Can we get a bonus if the deposit is made using Astrocard pay?

    Every online casino has some terms and conditions related to bonuses and perks given to the players for making deposits. Well! When it comes to the Astrocard pay, the chances of getting the bonuses are much less than other payment gateways. Because the astropay cards are not under the regulation of any central authority like the RBI. Even some of the top online casinos are not accepting such payment methods. Moreover, whether you will get the bonus or not varies from casino to casino, and their terms and conditions. 

  • Is there any minimum or maximum deposit limit on Astrocard pay?

    There is a minimum deposit limit of Rs 250 on Astropay cards but when it comes to the payment made to any merchant or online casinos there limit can be imposed from the merchant side. For example, if the deposit is to be made to the online casino account, then you need to consider the minimum and maximum deposit limits set by the online casinos. Some casinos offer a minimum deposit limit of $10 and a maximum deposit limit of $1000 to $2000 or even more. Moreover, some casinos offer higher deposit limits for VIP members and loyalty program players.