Sticky Bonuses

Bonuses are the promotional stuff offered by the online casinos in order to attract more players to their online casinos. Most of the new players prefer to join a casino that offers the best value and boosts up their gambling journey. That is why to make them stick to their casino, casinos used to give attractive bonuses like welcome bonuses, first deposit bonuses, match bonuses, and many more. One of such bonuses is the sticky bonus. As the name suggests the bonus keeps with the casino and can not be withdrawn.

Sticky bonuses are the most common type of reward given to the new players or ordinary players. As the casino is not risking its own funds, that is why usually a huge amount is offered to the players as a sticky bonus. Such a bonus is similar to the cash or coins in any game, which can not be withdrawn but used within the game as currency. Here in this article, we will know all about the sticky bonuses.

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What is a sticky bonus?

In simple words, the sticky bonus is a type of bonus offered by online casinos, which can not be withdrawn but used for betting within the game. If you want to understand whether your bonus is a sticky bonus or a non-sticky bonus, you need to look at the terms and conditions. Usually, “for wagering only” is written in the case of a sticky bonus. For the existing and experienced players the sticky bonus is as worthwhile as traditional bonuses because of their solid bankroll, but to withdraw they need to have funds to add on.

The whole scenario is depending upon how you are using the sticky bonus within the game to get benefited from the full potential of the bonus. Moreover, the sticky bones will be the aid to uplift your deposits as it offers more cash than the non-sticky bonus. The sticky bonuses are around 300% to 400% as the match amount for your initial deposits. Honestly, say the sticky bonuses will increase the chances of your winnings by several percentages. But make sure that you already have funds in your balance otherwise you will lose more than you win.

Let´s look into some examples:

For example, if you got a sticky bonus offer that gave you a $50 bonus for depositing $50 into your casino account. You did so and got $100 in your account instantly. Now you want to play a bet where the winning amount will be $100 and you lose whatever you have if you lose the bet. Here if you win you win $200 total in which you can withdraw $150 only as the $50 is a sticky bonus. But in case you lose the bet, you lose your deposited $50 too.

Some people used to avoid the sticky bonus by thinking that they are useless but sometimes the sticky bonuses can be as useful as the non-sticky bonuses. These bonuses are the best way to practice your game without having the risk of losing money. Also, you will get a chance to play bigger bets using the sticky bonus funds along with your deposited cash. This will increase your chances of winning.

For example, if you have only $500 in your casino account but have $500 as your sticky bonus then you can use both the funds together to play a bet of $1000. However, after winning some amount you can only withdraw your funds and the winning amount. Like your winning is $2000 then you can make the payout request only for $1500. As the $500 is your sticky bonus. If you try to make the payout request for it, it will automatically disappear.

Types of sticky bonus

Sticky bonuses are further classified into different types and variations. The two major types of online casino sticky bonuses are mentioned below, let’s have a look:

Phantom Sticky Bonus: The phantom sticky bonus is the most common type of sticky bonus given to players by online casinos. It is also known as Sticky bonus type 1. This type of sticky bonus is deposited to your casino account immediately when you make a deposit and is ready to use for gambling. But the moment you want to make a withdrawal the bonus will be deducted from your account and only winnings and your personal deposit will be withdrawn.

For example, if you made a deposit of $10 and received $10 as a sticky bonus. Then after playing bids, you ended up with a total of $30, then while making withdrawal requests you can only cash out $20 and $10 will be deducted automatically.

Expiring Sticky Bonus: This type of sticky bonus comes with an expiry period. Players need to use the bonus fund before the time allotted, otherwise, the bonus will automatically disappear. Also, the expiry sticky bonus will stay on your casino account as long as casino requirements permit it.

Characteristics of Sticky bonuses

As sticky bonuses are non-cashable and players can not make payout requests for their sticky bonuses. They come with several characteristics and traits. Some of these traits are mentioned below, let’s have a look at them:

The sticky bonuses have a special policy made by online casinos. The players can not withdraw the funds of sticky bonuses. If any player tries to make a payout request for their sticky bonus, the amount will disappear instantly and can not be used for playing further games.

However, the winnings made using the sticky bonus have no such policies. You can easily withdraw the winnings made using the sticky bonuses. But keep in mind to read the terms and conditions of the sticky bonuses. Some of these bonuses also have wagering requirements on winnings.

Sticky bonuses are good for the players who have zero experience in the field of gambling. The amount received as a sticky bonus can be used for gambling without the risk of losing actual money.

More sticky bonuses mean you have chances of playing without risking your own money. Which directly increases your chances of winning. So we recommend you to go for the casinos which offer a lot of sticky bonuses and other perks. Let’s have a look at our listed online casinos with the best sticky bonuses.

Advantages and Disadvantages of sticky bonuses

Everything has two phases, one displays the positive side and another displays the negative one. The same with the sticky bonuses, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages. We have researched and found out some of the pros and cons of sticky bonuses. Below mentioned are some of them, let’s have a look:



Moreover, to know more about the sticky bonuses offered by your casino we recommend you to read out all the terms and conditions of your online casino. As the conditions are determined the casinos may vary from casino to casino. Without reading the terms and conditions you can lose your own funds.

Choose the best sticky bonus online casinos from our list

It might be difficult for you to choose an online casino that offers the best sticky bonus because along with the growing competition and gambling players, the number of online casinos has increased in the past few years. More importantly, 9% of the online casinos are fake or scams. But there is no need to worry. We have researched the top casinos and shortlisted a few of them.

Our listed casinos are fully authorized and are known for offering the best sticky bonus over the internet. All you need to do is select any of the listed ones and start your gambling journey with zero experience. The sticky bonus will help you to practice some slots without the risk of losing your money. Our list is prepared on the basis of several aspects like authenticity, welcome bonus, wagering requirements and many more. We primarily have tested these casinos ourselves and then recommend you.


Bonuses are the best way to boost up the level of your online casino profile and when it comes to the sticky bonus, you are given an opportunity to play the games using the funds of online casinos without any risk of losing your money. You will gain both the experience and winnings. In case you win using the sticky bonuses, you can make a payout request and withdraw your winnings.

FAQ about Sticky bonuses in India casinos


  • What are some other terms used for sticky bonuses?

    Most of the Sticky bonuses are known with different names and phrases, it is depending on location to location. The same with sticky bonuses, these types of bonuses are also known as non-cashable bonuses and are made for the wagering purpose only.

  • Are there any sticky bonuses offered by Indian casinos?

    Yes, most of the Indian casinos used to deliver the sticky bonuses to their new users who have not made any deposits yet. The rewards are non-cashable and can only be used to play games within the casino or spin.

  • Can we get a sticky bonus as a signup bonus?

    Usually, online casinos used to offer the cash bonuses only to the player who had made a deposit. But when it comes to the sticky bonuses, players can get them as a signup bonus because they are non-cashable. But make sure to read the terms and conditions as whether you get the sticky bonus as a signup bonus or not is entirely varies from casino to casino. Some casinos offer sticky bonuses to the new players while others do not.

  • Is wagering requirements applicable to winnings made using the sticky bonus?

    Yes, there might be some wagering requirements that needed to be satisfied to withdraw the winnings made using sticky bonuses. Like the player needs to play a certain number of times to make a payout request. However, this also depends upon casinos and your profile level. If you are a part of a loyalty program then you get some perks and no need to meet the wagering requirements to make the payout request.

  • How much cash can we get as a sticky bonus?

    The amount that can be credited to your casino account as a sticky bonus depends upon several factors like how much money you have deposited. Casinos used to offer sticky bonuses as a match to the amount deposited by players. For example, if you deposit $100 then you will get $100 as your sticky bonus. Also, the amount credited as a sticky bonus varies from casino to casino. We recommend you to read the terms and conditions, related to the sticky bonus to know the maximum amount your online casino offers as a sticky bonus.

  • What is the best gambling bonus?

    When it comes to the best gambling bonuses offered by online casinos, the non-sticky bonus is the preferred one. Because the players can directly make a payout request and withdraw the amount to their bank account. But the non-sticky bonus is the most rare one and in some casinos, sticky bonuses are offered only on big deposits or to the players who are members of loyalty programs.