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Gambling is introduced for entertainment purposes but soon becomes one of the billion-dollar industries across the globe. Nowadays millions of people are a part of gambling and spend their money and time in playing games. There are thousands of land-based casinos across the world where hundreds of games, slots, table games, and cards are played with the betting of real cash. Even some of the casinos have their own currency or tokens that have a certain value.

For example, casinos have their own coins to bet in the land-based casinos. The value of the coin is determined by the casino like $100 is equivalent to a casino coin. Time passes and casinos start shifting towards the online platforms. Nowadays, there are more online live casinos than the land-based casinos. And even earning many times more than the ordinary casinos. Here we will let you know more about the live casinos.

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Why are live casinos?

Live casinos are the real-time gambling platforms where players can play games with other players through a connection to the internet. Usually, this will give the feel of land-based casinos. Players do not need to visit the casinos physically. In some live casinos video broadcasting is also conducted by a camera crew, and the tender of displaying life footage of players and gaming is given to the specialized gaming studios. There is a user-friendly chat box where players can chat with the casino and wager the required amount.

There is no boundation on the device. Players can use whatever device they want to use. Online live casinos are far better than land-based casinos because land-based casinos require a lot of investment and expenses on resources. On the other hand, the online casinos need to spend more on making their platform equipped with the latest real-time gaming technologies. To improve the quality, human employees can be used in the chat bots to provide customer support and fulfill other needs during live gambling.

When it comes to online live gambling, there are about three rooms that will conduct the live casino games, analyze the gameplay and declare the results live. These rooms consist of a studio room, an analyst room, and a software room. But there are some sets of rules and regulations followed by the player who wants to play live casino games. The online casinos which are conducting the live casino gaming must have a powerful GPU (Game Control Unit). As they need to handle live gaming, live broadcasting and hustle free environment for the players as well.

Who is a live dealer?

The live dealer works like the middleman who conducts the live casino games. If you are willing to play the online real-time gambling with another human player then you are provided with a live dealer from the casino who will observe your gameplay, live broadcast it and decide the winner on the basis of the score as well. If you are looking for the best live casino then make sure to choose the one which offers a live dealer, there are many reasons behind the same.

While playing the games, if any of the players face an issue or difficulty they can live chat with the dealer and sort out the issue. Also, the live interaction with the dealer will make the live gaming more interesting. For those players who want to make a social interaction with others without even attending the land-based casinos, live dealer casinos are the best option.

What are the requirements of a live casino?

Live casinos give you the feel of real-time land-based gambling but there are a few needs and requirements you need to fulfill to play the live gambling online. If you have no idea what are these requirements that don’t worry, we have listed all these things below, let’s have a look:

A Suitable End Device

The device in which you are playing live gambling matters a lot, you need to make sure to use a high-end device with a fast and reliable processor, a cooling system to prevent overheating and system failure, higher Random Access Memory (RAM) and many more things. You can either use a desktop or a mobile phone. Nowadays mobile phones are also offering characteristics to support heavy tasks like live casino gaming.

Internet Connection

Make sure to use a stable and high-speed internet connection while playing the live gambling. As you are betting with real money and any error in connecting with the live casino server will be considered the opponent as the winner. For example, if you bet $1000 in live gambling but due to an internet connection error, are offline for a few minutes, then the opponent will be considered the winner in the game and you lose all your funds.

Payment Method

The live casino means you need to bet instantly in the given interval of time. So, keep in mind to have the payment method and gateway supported by the live casino. Also, you need to make sure to check whether your live casino supports the payment method you are using or not before getting enrolled.

Authentication Data

Authentication is required to start playing in a live casino. The authentication is in the form of a login id and password, sometimes the OTP is sent to the registered mail id or mobile number.

Hope, that everyone has access to all these requirements because nowadays having a powerful PC or smart home is common. The only issue that can occur is an internet connection because the jerky live streams and blurry gaming windows are quite annoying. More importantly, keep in mind to blow the cookies and third-party integrations on your window. As these are considered cheating.

An guide about live casino games for Indian players at online casinos

How do live Casino games work?

The working of the live casino games is simple and all the individual games in the live casino are offered by the casino providers. A live dealer is appointed who will broadcast the live gambling across the world. There are some Professional croupiers, who sit in the stream and observe the gaming. More importantly, all the live games are controlled by the state and are legal. If you have chosen an authentic live casino then there is no need to worry about match-fixing, all the games are fair.

There are even some additional security integration and privacy mechanisms offered by the web developers and manufacturers of the game. Every game is protected and does not have an influence on other people. Even the casino can not manipulate the gaming. In the case of mishaps, the game will be tracked exactly. Most of the games available for live gambling are simple and have a user-friendly interface. The players are given the authority to change the music track, sound effects, camera angle, and many more things as per their priority. 

Moreover, some of the live casinos have started presenting Virtual reality games. These types of games offer a real experience to the players. There are a lot of VR games available to play in the live casino including VR Roulette and some card games.

Difference between online casino games and live casino games

Both the live casino games and online casino games are indifferent to each other. In online casino games you play with another player or sometimes with a bot, on the other hand, the live casino games are played with the real humans. Live casino gives you a real experience of gaming with a live webcam and broadcasting features. You are offered with a live dealer who can hear your sounds and can chat with him. Online casino games are non-social and played without interaction.

Another biggest difference is that the live casino games are real-time games and are played live with real humans, while the online casino games have a free and fair software or computer algorithm which determines whether you win or lose on the basis of your moves. You will see another player making the real-time moves while playing the live casino games. Live casino gaming offers an exciting and suspenseful experience that the online casino games. Also, the live casino games have a higher betting limit than the online casino games.

Players can bet up to millions (depending upon the game) whether on the other hand betting such a big amount is not possible in online casino games. Players need to pay some processing fees and additional charges in live gambling because the expenses of live dealers and broadcasting are covered by the charges of players as well. So, make sure to look out at your bankroll before starting to play any live casino game.

Types of live casino games

There are certain types of live casino games that can be played by the players across the world. In recent years live gambling exploded in popularity which is why new and new types of casino games are presented by the developers. Some of these games are mentioned below, let’s have a look:


The live casinos are offering lotteries and other related games to the players. Examples of some lottery games are Bingo, lotto, and keno. After betting the players can see the live dealer calling out the winning patterns and combinations of the lottery. It is quite interesting to observe the live announcement of winners.

Card games

Card games are the most popular live casino games due to which the live casinos presented the live version of some of the card games. This Card games may include poker, baccarat, and blackjack, baccarat variant Dragon Tiger. Some of the Poker variants like Texas Hold ‘em and Stud. The different varieties of blackjack, like Common Draw Blackjack, Early Payout Blackjack, and Infinite Blackjack can be played by the players. Also, some of the live card games are not limited to two players. There can be an unlimited number of payers in some of the card games.

Table games

After cards, the games which are most played are table games, live casino includes some popular table games like Craps and dice duels. Vintage games like the classic game Sic Bo are also offered which give the classic feel to the players. Even the theme, music, and sound effects are also taken to offer a vintage feel to the players. Choose any of the live casinos from our listed ones and enjoy both the American and European versions of roulette.

New games

Other than the classic and vintage casino games there are some modern games as well that are presented by live casinos. These games are incorporated with modern technology and offer a great feel while playing. For example, Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice. These games will provide an experience of an entirely new type of gaming.

Explains some different types of live casino games

Advantages and disadvantages of live casino

Everything has both advantages and disadvantages, same with the live casino. Below mentioned are some of the pros and cons of live casinos.


Game in real-time with real dealers

The online casino games look interesting but are unreal is the fact. These games are played with a computer or a bot. However, some casino games are played with real players but the social interaction is zero. On the other hand, the live casino games are played in real-time with the real live dealer and opponents. These are interactive and view the real experience with audio, videos, and live broadcasting.

Enjoy anytime and anywhere

One of the biggest advantages of live casinos is that the players can access their account and start playing the live game with the opponent anytime from home, the office, while traveling, or even during weekends. However, you need to consider the terms and conditions related to the live casino game. As some games can not be played randomly. Live leagues and tournaments are conducted for these games.

Live Chat

Facing an issue, no need to worry! The liver dealer is appointed for the live game. The dealer will assist you throughout the game and resolve the issue that occurred in between the game. You can live to chat or send your live audio to the live dealer. More importantly, the live dealer is human and is mostly friendly with the players.

Fair games

As we have stated earlier that the live casino games are regulated by the states, and even the casino and web developers have no access to the games. There is zero influence of any external force on the game. The game will be fair and the winning is determined by the scores. But you need to keep in mind to choose the authentic or registered live casino. There are some scams and unregistered live casinos that manipulate the gameplay for their profit. Have a look at our listed live casinos, choose anyone, and start your gambling journey.

Social interaction

The social interaction with the opponent and live dealer will give another level of experience to the players. If you have enough funds and time, then make sure to try the live casino games once in your life.

Dedicated live table games

The games and slots offered in the live casino games offer a top-notch experience to the players. As it will be annoying to play the same three or four games multiple times. Web developers offer roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker variations to keep the player hit for real enjoyment. The table games are available with the native-speaking live dealers. If you choose any live casino from our listed ones, then you got hundreds of live casino games.


Slow games

The biggest disadvantage of live casino games is the fact that the gameplay will be slow and a single game takes hours sometimes. No matter whether you are fast and attend your moves quickly. If the opponent takes a lot of time to play moves, the gameplay will be slow. However, in some games, there is a restriction of time needed to finish the moves within the limit. But still, a few games will be quite annoying to play due to slow moves by the opponent.

Limited games

Not all casino games can be played virtually with the opponent. That is the only reason why there are very few games available to be played live. Usually, the live casinos offer live games like Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and Poker. Due to less availability of games, the whole crowd focuses on these games and it becomes difficult for the casino to manage the orders. But, the web developers and software companies are trying to incorporate modern games and Virtual reality with the live gaming.

Technical issues

Sometimes due to technical issues and a heavy load of servers, the gameplay may crash and it will be interrupted. A lot of technical issues and problems occur with players while playing games. Even in some situations, the technical issue of the opponent can cancel the game in the middle. However, you can continue the game from where you leave, till the betting stays safe in the casino. Worsely, in some casinos, if you have faced any technical issue and leave the game, your opponent will be declared the winner and get all the money.

Higher betting limits

The management of the live casino gambling is expensive and needs employees, GPU, and many other resources. That is why the betting limits are higher and ordinary players can not afford such amounts. On an average, the minimum betting limit is $10000 for live casino games. It is a fact that the live gambling option is not made for fun. It is for the real gamblers who want to make money or have the potential to lose the same.

Different Casino settings

Not every player has the same casino settings, also it is difficult to find the perfect match while playing live casino games. The biggest barrier is the language. Casinos need to ensure that the players will get a regional live dealer who is well aware of the language and chat conveniently with the players, which is a challenging task. It is next to impossible to find the perfect match. That is why most players like the gambling in land-based casinos rather than live casino games. The land-based casinos offer transportation, restaurant, food, and beverage to the players, which is absent in online casino games.


Live gaming is made for those players who want to enjoy the feeling of playing real gambling but are unable to visit the land-based casinos. Also, players across the world get a chance to gamble with other top players. But there are a few things needed to be considered while playing live casino games. You must have a GPU and a stable internet connection. Because you are playing with real cash, any error occurring can lead to the loss of all your betted amount.

More importantly, make sure to read out the terms and conditions related to the live casino gaming. There are some strict rules to be followed while playing live. For example, in some live games players can not switch their gaming window, can not use any Chrome extension, or third-party integration to manipulate games. Have a look at our listed live casino and choose any for you.

FAQ about Live Casino

FAQ Live Casino

  • Why is live casino popular?

    Live casino is becoming popular day by day because it will allow the players to play real-time gambling with real humans across the world. Moreover, these games are more interactive and offer a lot of cool camera angles to the players. The seamless atmosphere offers a social interaction with another player and the live dealer. Nowadays, the live casino offers the modern Virtual reality games as live games which feel amazing to be played and give real experience.

  • How to win a live casino game?

    Winning a live casino game is not an easy task and there are no such tricks that will help you to min the gaming in real-time. As the moves are sudden and anyone has no idea about the strategy adopted by the opponent. Still, there are a few tips that may increase your possibility of winning, like choosing the games which are familiar to you. Some players made a huge mistake by playing a new and unfamiliar game with a big bet.

    For example, you choose a new card game to play with a bet of $5000 but when the game starts you even have no idea about the moves. This will cost you a lot and you can even lose all your betting amount. Also never get upset and depressed after losing a bet, know the fold and hold strategy, and most importantly never take insurance. If you follow all these tips the chances of your winning will increase by several percentages.

  • What are the disadvantages of live casinos?

    Along with benefits, there are some disadvantages that come with the live casino game. It is a fact that the live casino dealer will prevent the players from over bet on a game and conform many times before placing a bet. Most of the online casino games are played for fun but the live casino games are not for fun, they include a high-risk factor of losing money as well as the processing charges are also high. The live dealer and broadcasting are expensive and players need to pay for them out of their own pocket.

  • Is winning in the casino luck?

    While playing gambling the winning is depending upon 70% luck and 30% strategy. Luck is not determined by any individual. But we can manipulate the remaining 30% and increase the chances of winning. If you have a good researched and planned strategy while playing games, no one stops you from winning. But there are some casino games where 100% luck works like slots and other lucky-draw-related games. Make sure to read out the rules and regulations related to the games, because winning is useless and can not be withdrawn if you have not followed the rules.

  • Is live casino legal in India?

    India has strict rules and regulations related to gambling and casinos. But all these laws and rules are limited to land-based casinos. States like Sikkim, Nagaland, and Meghalaya provide legal licenses for starting land-based casinos. But thousands of online casinos are running across the country with a massive number of users. The majority of the country is freely placing bets and live online gambling is broadcasted by these casinos.

  • What is VIP in a casino?

    A VIP player in a casino is a member of a VIP program. Every casino has a VIP program and the players who are loyal towards the games or have high-profile levels are selected as VIPs. These players are given some incentives and rewards. If you want to become a VIP member of the online live casino then you need to make a huge deposit or stay loyal to the casino for a long time. Also, whenever you perform any activity in the casinos you are rewarded with some loyalty points. Once your loyalty points reach maximum limits you will be automatically paced to the VIP program.