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Online casinos are full of games and slots that can be played by players to win amazing prizes. Slots are one of the most common types of gambling where a player needs to spin the slot machines and win after successfully forming the patterns in symbols. Slots are further classified into different types based on design, themes, and other aspects. Some people like the vintage slot machines, and some like slot machines themed after noise mythology, fruits, numerals, etc. But a fraction of players like to bet in branded slots.

Branded slot machines are the newest type of slot available in the online casinos. These are the most popular slots and are also recognized as licensed slots. Branded slots usually take the attention of players whether they are playing at landlocked casinos or online casinos. Here we will tell you more about the branded slots so that you are well aware of the same before placing bets.

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What are branded slots?

Branded slots are the type of games at online casinos that are based on or themed after intellectual property. It may include movies, TV shows, books, video games, celebrities, and so on. These slots are not only for the players to bet but also the best way to promote or market the upcoming tv show, movie, or any celebrity. Usually, the people come into a partnership or legal agreement along with the web developers to launch the slot machine after him or his brand.

Let’s take the example of IGT, which has an agreement with Sony. That is why they developed the slot machine of Wheel of Fortune. IGT has full authority and right to use the name, likeness, logo, and general concept of Sony. Like comic characters and their names. If you have ever played the branded slots games you must have observed some unique names like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Avengers, and many more.

Types of branded slot machines

There are a few types of brand slot machines classified based on themes and designs. Some of these types are mentioned below:

TV slot machines

After the easy availability of the internet and entertainment platforms like Amazon and Netflix the TV shows and web series are watched more than the movies. Which influences the web developers to collaborate with the TV shows and design slot machines after the TV serial or web series. These slots are most common because the TV serials last for years and due to this the popularity of TV serial-based branded slots continues.

Popular TV serials like the Game of Thrones, Vikings, and Narcos have created a hope in online casinos and web developers to present brand slots based on these TV serials.

Movie slots

When any big project of the movie is going to launch then the producers used to adopt some promotional strategies and one such promotional strategy is introducing the branded slot machines after the name and pictures of that movie. Like Marvel and SONY adopt the same marketing strategy. As there are millions of gamblers and a massive community of online casino players, the marketing resulted in a craze for that movie.

Superhero slots

Whether there is an adult or a child, the craze for superheroes is huge. Everyone has their favorite superhero. The same concept is used in this type of branded slot machine, here the slot machines are themed after superheroes like Spiderman, Superman, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and many more. Even the symbols are used accordingly.

Music slots

These types of branded slot machines are themed after the songs, musicians, rock bands or musicals. Along with the slots of your favorite superhero, TV serial or movies you can also play slots based on Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Guns ‘N Roses, Michael Jackson, Motörhead and the BTS.

Explains if you should avoid branded slots on a casino or not

Should I avoid branded slots?

Slot machines can be a great way to make money from gambling but they come with some disadvantages as well. To display the themes and pictures web developers need to license the slot machines or come into a partnership agreement with the real owner. This will lower the payback for the players.

For example, if any online casino comes in partnership with the popular entertainment creator MARVEL, then they need to pay a certain percentage of earnings and bets to Marvel Studios. This will directly affect the betting amount of the slot machine and make it unaffordable for some players. It is highly recommended that players play branded slots only if they have enough funds in their casino account.

However, some of the branded slots like Lord of the Rings have absorbed the licensing fees which makes them affordable to the players. But make sure to read out all the terms and conditions of the branded slot machine before playing bets. As the hidden terms and conditions can be very annoying at the time of withdrawal.

Jurassic Park is a popular branded slot machine that is currently offering an RTP of 97% which is ideal and perfect to place bets. If you want to play the best-branded slot machine games then have a look at our listed casinos. We have shortlisted the top online casinos which offer all branded slots.

Advantages and disadvantages of branded slots

Branded slots are a popular game of choice for gamblers but they also come with both pros and cons. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of branded slot machines are mentioned below:




Slot machines are easy to use and have higher chances of winning as compared to other casino games. But there is a need to keep in mind some facts like always betting in the affordable slots. As we have mentioned, the branded slots can be a little more expensive than other slots and also have additional terms and conditions. Hope the guide will help you to start your branded slot gambling.

FAQ about branded slots online

FAQ Branded slots

  • What is a branded slot machine?

    A branded slot machine is also known as lice see slot machine. These machines are similar to the ordinary slot machine but are themed after the intellectual property. Like some of the branded slot machines are based on TV shows, movies, games, and some popular celebrities as well. The web developers come into a partnership contract with the intellectual property holders to design these slot machines and online casinos need to pay the licensing fees and a certain percentage of bets to the intellectual property holder.

  • Do branded slot machines pay less?

    Usually, the branded slot machines have the similar payouts as other types of slot machines but in some cases, the payout percentage falls due to the licensing fees and percentage given to the partner. All these factors will bring out a rise in the betting and lower the RTP percentage. Make sure to read out all the terms and conditions before placing a bet on a branded slot machine, as they have some hidden gathering requirements and charges which may apply to your winnings

  • What is a branded lot algorithm?

    Not only branded slot machines but all kinds of slot machines work on a unique algorithm known as a Radon number generator. This will generate a random number and if the symbols on the reels make a pattern the player wins and gets the rewards. The algorithm is free in nature and is end-to-end encrypted. Neither the online casino nor the web developer has an influence over the algorithm of branded slot machines. This will avoid any kind of manipulation of slot machines for benefit.

  • Is it profitable to bet in branded slots?

    Betting on Amy slot machines can be profitable if you keep in mind some tips and tricks. Like always choose the slot machine which has a higher RTP percentage as they have higher chances of winnings. Also, check out your prize pool of the branded slot machine as they are meant for promotional purposes of the intellectual properties like any upcoming movie. The reward may include tickets to that movie. So, observe and think before placing bets. It will be better to play branded lost if you have free spins.