Casino Bonuses in India

Online casino games in India have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years. It happened even more during the Covid-19 lockdown when people had to look for means of entertainment while being confined in their homes. The best part is that these online casinos are extremely convenient! You can also access them from anywhere through phones and laptops, unlike physical casinos.

And the most tempting aspect of online casinos is the bonuses! Whenever you sign up for online gambling, such as roulette, poker, blackjack, etc, you receive a welcome bonus. As you continue playing, you are offered various bonuses from time to time from the gaming websites. Bonuses keep you motivated and act as rewards for your long-term association with the gaming service provider. These bonuses are used by online casinos to promote their service to attract new players and retain existing betting enthusiasts. 

Simply put, a bonus in online casino games is a reward offered for opening a player account and then placing a bet. The bonus is credited to your account after fulfilling certain criteria. You can use the bonus, along with the bet amount to boost your chances at winning by placing a bigger stake.  The other types of bonuses offered are free spins or some form of cashback received after losing a game. Bonuses create more chances for you as it will prolong the game time, and you will be in a better position to go for the win. In addition, some gaming websites will allow you to convert the bonuses into winnings that you can later withdraw (subject to few terms and conditions of course).

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Types of Online Casino Bonuses

There are many kinds of online casino bonuses (India) to avail. We have discussed them in detail so you don’t miss out. Take a look:

Welcome bonus

As is evident from the name, a signup or welcome bonus is given to players after making their first deposit. It is one of the highest categories of free money a player can get. A welcome bonus often offers players payback of a set percentage of their first deposit made onto the site, up to a set amount. This bonus is also known as deposit bonus. It is also important to take note that a deposit bonus often comes with various requirements and terms, which you need to adhere to before you can claim your bonus so you can play for real money. This type of bonus is often coupled with free spins. 

The benefits of this welcome bonus are often enjoyed by both the casino and players. New players get the opportunity to receive free spins and get some of their deposit back. At the same time, the casino uses the welcome bonus offer to draw the interest of new customers and get them to register and deposit their first deposit as a wagering requirement. It is a beneficial marketing strategy. 

Loyalty bonus

This bonus is offered as a reward to loyal players for their time and money invested in a particular gambling site. The reason why gamblers receive this bonus is to encourage them for their efforts to make consistent deposits and bet in the same gambling site for an extended period. This promotion rewards the participation of players and encourages them to obtain a certain number of points to enhance their ranking status on a site. Players receive more free bonuses when they achieve high-ranking member status. Thus, they remain committed to the site.

No deposit bonus

No deposit bonuses aren’t that common because it means casinos have to pay you for simply registering on the site! You can start playing after registering an account and enjoying the bonus, without paying a deposit. Indeed, you can expect somewhat lower bonus values with a no deposit bonus, but the benefit is that you can start playing without risking any of your funds.

Free spins bonus

Free spins was initially offered as a bonus to an existing player for special promotions when casino investors launched new slots. But with time most casinos started to offer this promotion for all new players. This is a fun way to become familiar with a new slot machine without risking your money.

When a player gets this bonus, they are offered a specific number of free spins, and based on certain terms and conditions, they can withdraw their winnings. Every casino offers unique free spins, but standard aspects apply in most casinos. They are usually free of any wagering requirement. In most cases, you will be limited to the maximum cashout amount, and you need to pay attention to this aspect. The best way is to withdraw after covering the playthrough requirements and attaining the maximum cashout amount. Despite that, the free spins are an incredible bonus and extremely coveted by most casino players. Some casino sites offer weekly free spins, while others might do so intermittently. 

Referral bonus

As a player you have to invite others to join a particular online casino. When a player signs up and deposits money using a referral code you provided, you receive additional credit, which is known as a referral bonus. The more people you invite to the online casino, the more bonuses you are awarded.

High roller or VIP bonus

If you are fond of high-return, but high-risk games, this bonus is the ideal option for you. Gamblers who regularly deposit more than the average amount on a betting site are usually offered this type of bonus. The besting needs for high-roller bonuses resemble other free credits, but this promotion is higher than normal ones. In reality, a high betting amount increases the possibility of earning a substantial payout. After gamblers receive free credits, those are added to their account. However, gamblers need to deposit a certain amount and fulfill some terms and conditions when depositing before they receive free credit.

Cashback bonus

Cashback bonus gives you the chance to win back some of the money you have lost while playing. This kind of reward is always time-restricted – either it is for few hours or maybe limited number of days. It is a wonderful opportunity to shave down on your losses as you get money for not doing anything except partaking in the cashback campaign. 

Reload bonus

This bonus works on much the same kind of principle as a deposit bonus, except that the reload bonus won’t apply to your first deposit. It offers a solution to deposit additional cash to your player account if you deplete your resources by making another deposit, and then get extra funds free of charge. Not all online casinos games offer the reload bonus opportunity, but it is worth your while to make use of the advantage if it is available to you. It might also be in the form of a limited offer and only available to you for a limited period. 

Sticky bonus

Sticky bonus is generally much larger than any other kind of bonus you can find. But you can’t withdraw this bonus amount, and it is only available for playing in the particular online casino.  Depending on your intent with your bonus cash, this option might be either extremely helpful or completely useless. 

No-sticky bonus

As soon as you fulfill all requirements attached to cashing out on your casino bonus money, you can easily withdraw the money from your account. 

Sports betting bonus

A sports betting bonus is how different sportsbook providers manage to set themselves apart in the highly competitive industry of running a sportsbook. It offers free money to players in return for their interest in the online sportsbook by placing bets for real money. Sports betting bonuses can also take on various forms and come either as additional funds in your player account or as promotions and even freebies. Sportsbooks offer these sports betting bonuses to existing clients to ensure that the site retains its business. 

Slot bonus

You will come across casino bonuses specifically designed to benefit those who are keen on spins at slot machines. These bonuses might include free spins or extra funds in your player account. Slot bonus rewards offered by online casinos can apply to all the slot games available to spin on the online platform or only a few online slot games. However, you should keep in mind that these might have a limited time frame and wagering requirements.

Not all casino bonuses are necessarily related to money deposited into your account. At times, casinos could reward clients differently. They might offer additional points to boost player levels either on the site, in a VIP program, or free spins. More points can result in an increased level of playing, better rewards on offer and higher stakes of winning. It can also be a way for casino sites to offer you completely non-gambling related bonus deals such as holidays, vouchers and more.

How are Casino Bonuses Rated in India?

How are Casino Bonuses Rated in India?

While some casinos deliver amazing bonus offers to their players, others often include offers in confusing conditions and unfair terms. These are some of the aspects to keep in mind while rating casino bonuses. Here goes:

Last but not the least; please ensure you understand terms and conditions of the online casino clearly. If they are complicated and shady, it is best to steer clear right away! We will discuss it in detail in the next section.

Always Read the Terms and Conditions of a Casino Bonus

A bonus is one of the most unique features that attract players to an online casino. They are tempted by welcome bonuses, referral, high roller, royalty, and free spins bonuses in most cases. But before you go ahead and start playing, it is imperative to read all terms and conditions of bonuses, along with the processes of claiming them properly.

To find the best casino bonus, you have to go through a site’s terms and conditions carefully. It will help you learn about bonus wagering requirements. You will also come to know about the games you can play using particular bonuses. Moreover, when you understand the terms clearly, it helps to avoid confusion later on regarding wagering amounts, fees, and other aspects. 

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions attached to each bonus vary a lot, but there are some in common, so take a peek:

Bonuses are part and parcel of casino games, and if used strategically, players can increase their chances of winning more often than not. Before signing up on an online casino, read the terms and conditions about bonuses and other stuff carefully so that you don’t breach any rules unknowingly. Understanding different bonuses will help you maximize your winnings and get more shots at a particular casino game of your choice. 

How an Indian Casino Bonus Works

An online casino bonus is a reward that casino providers offer to keep you immersed in play for longer and reward loyalty at the same time. It is also often used to attract new customers as a kind of marketing strategy.Betting requirements are attached to these bonuses and players have to fulfill those to claim bonus rewards. These terms vary from one casino to the next and are one of the influential factors determining whether a casino bonus is good or not.

Finding a casino bonus is very easy, as most online casinos offer more than one bonus. But winning some cash in games, wagering the bonus, and then turning those winnings into real money is the complicated part. You have to find out a casino bonus works in India, before you register on a particular site and start playing.

Remember that the bonus can’t be directly cashed out. Players can only cash out what they win after wagering the bonus money in a variety of casino games. These are called non-sticky bonuses. Sticky bonuses means the winnings can’t be ever cashed out and whatever you win must stay in the system, so you must avoid them.

Wagering Requirements

These are also known as betting requirements or rollover requirements. They are mentioned in the terms and conditions, so it is important you read and understand them before playing. They are the one thing that could stand between you and your casino bonus winnings, so make sure you are aware of them, so you can successfully make a claim on winnings later on. 

So what is a wager?

To put it in a nutshell, the term wager refers to a bet. It is the value of the stake you are placing in the form of a spin or bet, or even a hand of cards, while you gamble online at your favorite online slots, casino, or sportsbook. 

What are wagering requirements?

These come with every online gambling bonus, and detail the conditions that an online casino player must fulfill before their winnings can be withdrawn. Once a bonus has been wagered the designated number of times indicated in the terms and conditions, players can transfer winnings to their bank account. 

How do wagering requirements work?

The most popular casino bonus is the welcome bonus, which is given to players after they make a deposit. The casino adds a percentage of your first deposit amount into the player bankroll as bonus credit. To prevent players from just taking the money and leaving without wagering any of their funds, casinos have set up specific terms and conditions which players have to fulfill before earning the cash. Once the conditions are met, players can withdraw bonus funds from their account. 

Wagering requirements might look daunting, but they are really easy to understand. You have to take the wagering requirement and multiply it by the bonus (or the deposit and bonus in some cases). It shows how much money you have to bet on, before making a withdrawal. 

For instance, a 20x wagering requirement for a 100 rupee bonus means you have to make 2,000 rupees worth of bets before a withdrawal is possible, while a 4x wagering requirement would require 400 rupees to be wagered.

What is the purpose of wagering requirements?

The purpose of wagering requirements is simple – casinos have to protect the house from losing money if players only withdraw winnings without placing any bets. In fact, players might not even opt to play if they could simply withdraw bonus funds and leave immediately, which would leave the online gambling site massively out of pocket.

Are there any bonuses free from wagers?

Such bonuses are quite rare, but you might find one occasionally. But you still can’t withdraw the initial bonus – you can only withdraw the money you win from bonus funds. Bonuses with no wagering requirements will almost certainly have other terms and conditions attached to them, though. The most important is usually the winnings cap. This tells you the maximum you can win from the bonus.

So if you win 3,000 rupees, but the maximum win is 2,000 rupees, you have to forfeit 1,000 rupees back to the site. This measure is in place because gambling sites have to protect themselves against too many players winning huge sums of money without risking anything.

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Tips Before You Choose the Best Casino Bonus

Choosing the best casino bonus is not that simple. You can’t randomly decide which bonus will work out best for you. There are numerous points to keep in mind, such as:

Consider a bonus’s terms and conditions

You have already read why it is necessary to read and understand the terms and conditions attached to bonuses, before you start playing. Many casinos include a few hidden elements in this section. You might have little time to consider all the terms and conditions in a casino’s bonus before deciding to sign up for it. Many decide to skip this section as it is too boring and tedious to read all of it. This is a huge mistake, as experts recommend at least skimming through the critical sections that will affect your decision.

Generally, the essential parts in the terms for a casino bonus are the number of times you should play before getting the bonus, promotion restrictions, and withdrawal limits. These are not mentioned on the promotions page on most casinos, and could affect the thrill of getting an online casino bonus. Checking the terms and conditions of casino bonuses before signing up allows you to steer clear of deals that don’t suit you!

Check the validity period of your bonus

Every casino has a requirement on the amount of time a player is allowed to use their bonus, and complete the requirements for converting it into cash. Reviewing the validity period is a must, as bonuses have an expiration period, so you must use them within a particular time frame. The expiration dates for online casino bonuses could range from a few hours to some months. 

Typically, most sites will give you up to 30 days to use the welcome bonus. Subsequent offers like cashback or reloads might follow the same criteria. However, some have a shorter period, mostly between 7 and 14 days. Short validity periods for bonuses mean you have to increase bets and overspend on gaming, which means you increase the risk of losing as well. Search for an online casino that gives a reasonable validity period within which you can play and access your bonus. 

It is imperative to check bonus terms to know how long the offer will be active. Moreover, it will help you know in how long you should meet the wagering requirements.

Go through a casino’s security and licensing details

Never play at a site that isn’t secure. Just because an online casino offers attractive bonuses don’t mean that it is a credible one. Please consider the eligibility of the online casinos you wish to play at. The primary element that determines an online casino’s eligibility is its licensure.

Some common organizations that license online casinos include the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, Malta Gambling Authority, and UK Gambling Commission. These are among the strictest gambling authorities, so you can be sure that your casino has met stringent rules that will protect you when licensed by these bodies. It is imperative to check if the casino is licensed and regulated by proper authorities. Unregulated and unlicensed casinos pose a great financial risk. 

The security of the website is also an important matter, because sensitive data is being provided by you, which includes personal details like name, address, payment information, etc. Be 100% sure about the security features offered by the website, in terms of SSL certificates and firewalls.

Go through the wagering terms

The wagering requirement is among the main aspects while choosing casino bonuses, since it determines how easy or tough it is to cash out winnings. Wagering requirements, as discussed above, are the bonus terms you must contend with, before withdrawing funds you have won.  So if you join a casino and claim a welcome reward with a wagering requirement of x30, you have to wager that bonus at least 30 times before you get to withdraw any kind of funds. Logically, it is best to choose bonuses with low wagering conditions. 

Check the games eligible for bonuses

Before registering in an online casino, take a peek at the games eligible for bonuses. For instance, if you wish to play slots, but the bonuses available can be used only for roulette, it won’t benefit you in any way. A few players opt to play the games with bonuses even when they are not so good at them or have no idea how to play. This only leads to a lot of losses in online gaming.

You should always be careful not to be swayed by excessively high bonuses and start betting outside your budget. Bonuses can be quite tempting, so set your deposit limit before signing up for a game so you remain a responsible player. It is fine to miss on a bonus but don’t play with money you cannot afford to lose.

Fortunately, most websites today have a great selection of games. In addition to that, their bonus offerings are excellent. If you are new and haven’t established a liking for particular games, select the one with diverse options. Normally, a typical website should have slots, live games, scratch cards, and table games.

Invest time and effort to conduct some research about the online casino. Only when you are sure about its licensure, credibility, type of games on offer, etc, should you proceed.

How to Claim a Bonus with our Help?

Claiming a bonus is almost similar regardless of the casino you choose. Follow these steps, and you should be able to claim your welcome bonus without hassle:

Claiming other bonuses is just as easy. You only need to pick your bonus code from the promotions section and apply them to your cashier section. You can also find bonus codes on casino review and promotion websites. At times, casinos send bonus codes via email and SMS too, while doing promotions.

Faq about csaino bonuses in Insdia - Indiacasino-io

FAQs about Casino Bonuses

  • How can you get the best casino bonus in India?

    The “best” casino bonus is definitely the welcome bonus that you get immediately after registering at an online casino. The process of finding the most profitable casino bonuses in India is the same as globally. You can either read up on the reviews of all casinos you are interested in, or talk to players you are personally acquainted with. Please take some time to research online casinos before signing up.

  • What is considered a good casino bonus?

    A casino bonus is considered good, if it rewards you as a player, fairly and lucratively for your time and money. Yet, it won’t be completely restrictive regarding requirements and terms which would make it impossible for you to claim your bonus money. A good bonus means achieving a balance between an enticing offer and terms and conditions that can be fulfilled.

  • Can you receive a bonus for live casino games?

    Since live casino games are just as much a part of the online casino experience as slot games, they have bonuses attached to them too. The only difference is that these bonuses might come with a separate set of requirements, wagering specifications, and special rewards. Read the full terms and conditions before playing along to avoid disappointment.

  • Can you withdraw a casino bonus as cash?

    The casino bonuses will have a pending status till you complete all wagering requirements. Once you have done this, the funds are available in your player account. You have the option to wager it, use for free spins or withdraw the cash into your linked bank account.

  • Can the bonus be used for all kinds of games?

    This varies from one online casino to another. Some casinos might allow you to use the bonuses on all kinds of games, but others might restrict the games on which you can apply bonuses. Casino bonuses are usually in the form of money which you can use on your preferred game, it might also be that free spins form part of your bonus offer. These spins can often be used on only certain slot games.

  • Is a bonus code required at all times?

    This was more common a few years ago, where the numbers and letters in the code worked as an activation code. You will still find some offerings mentioning their bonus code, but you may not need enter it anymore. You can easily choose from the bonus when you are registering at the casino.

  • How do you beat wagering requirements?

    There is no way to beat or go around wagering requirements. With these in place, players have to commit more real money to the gaming site before they can walk away with the extra funds. Remember, the requirements work as an insurance policy for the establishments. The only way to “beat” those is by clearing them.

  • How do casinos work without welcome bonuses?

    Casinos that don’t have a welcome bonus generally focus more on loyalty schemes and ongoing promotions. These casinos are focused on building a solid rapport with players who will be associated with the establishment for a longer period of time, rather than just play and leave. Basically, they try to avoid traffic from bonus hoppers that are just trying to take advantage of a bonus and leave. If you wish to play at an online casino for quite some time, instead of a one-time thing, these casinos are great. They often offer good customer support and may prove to be beneficial to you in the long run.

  • How does a match bonus work?

    There are many bonuses and promotions offered at online casinos. You might come across a “match bonus”, at times. It means you have to make a deposit into your account before activating a bonus that will match your deposit. Bonuses differ from time to time, so that means you could receive a 50% match bonus or even 100% if you are really lucky! Always read the terms and conditions before playing along.

  • What is a free cash bonus? Is it the same as a free play bonus?

    Just like a free play bonus, free cash bonuses don’t require you to make a deposit before being rewarded. While free play bonuses may restrict you to playing certain casino games, free cash bonuses are often more flexible. You have cash added to your bankroll, which can then be used as you wish. These bonuses might (or might not) require you to wager any winnings you snag before making a withdrawal.

Now that you know about how to find online casinos that offer you the best casino bonuses, you can go ahead and enter the exciting world of games like roulette, slot machines, card games, and more. Make a deposit, wager your bonus, and reap the benefits!