EcoPayz casino in India

To invest and deposit funds to online merchants, users need a safe and secure gateway. Using an end-to-end encrypted gateway will save the financial details of the user as well as prevent privacy concerns. Especially when it comes to the online casinos and other gambling activities, there is a need to put extra effort towards privacy. There are hundreds of payment gateways available by which players can transfer funds to the online casinos and start playing games and slots.

One such payment gateway is the EcoPayz. From last year, the e-wallet provided safety and security in transactions. EcoPayz has speedy deposit features and additional layers of security and the latest technology. Some of the users have no idea about the payment gateway and all other related details. Here we will provide the information about the same and how to use this e-wallet to perform safe and secure payments.

A page about ecoPayz for online casinos in India

What is EcoPayz?

In earlier times around 2000, EcoPayz was recognized as an EcoCard. It is one of the oldest and most popular e-wallets across the globe. Soon, the company started to evolve in the field of online transactions and changed its name from EcoCard to EcoPayz in 2013. The name “EcoCard” is transferred to one of their product’s names. The working of the e-wallet is similar to the PayPal and other e-wallet platforms.

The EcoPayz wallet can be top-up using your bank account. Now after transferring the funds from your bank account to the EcoPayz wallet. From the wallet, the funds can be transferred directly to any merchant or online platform via paid ecoCards powered by Mastercard. One of the biggest benefits of using EcoPayz is the easy signup procedure. Anyone can open their account on EcoPayz within a few steps without a credit score required.

How to make a deposit using EcoPayz?

The process of depositing from your EcoPayz wallet to the online casino sites is very simple and includes some familiar steps. All you need to do is just follow some on-screen instructions. For the users who have already used e-wallets like Neteller or PayPal, depositing money from EcoPayz wallet to an online casino account is not a big task. However, new players may find it difficult. To make it easy for you follow below mentioned steps: 

  1. Check whether your EcoPayz wallet has enough funds and is active to use for online merchants.
  2. From your online casino visit the cashier page and select the EcoPayz mode of payment.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions and link your online casino to your EcoPayz wallet. This will hardly take around 2-3 minutes.
  4. Now, proceed to make a deposit and have an eye on the online casino balance. The account will be credited with the deposited account within a few seconds.
  5. Make sure to check whether there is any deposit bonus available on making a deposit using EcoPayz or not. If yes, then keep in mind to claim the bonus.
  6. Use the funds to gamble and play different casino games.

How to withdraw winnings using EcoPayz?

Along with making a deposit the EcoPayz also gives the facility to withdraw the winnings from online casinos. The process of withdrawal is also similar to other payment gateways. The steps are familiar. However, below mentioned are the steps to withdraw your winnings and other funds from online casinos and gambling sites, let’s have a look: 

  1. Visit the cashier page of your gambling site and select the mode of withdrawal.
  2. Keep in mind that the casino will ask for some document verification and other protocols to verify your identity and profile.
  3. The verification is only required for the first time. After the first withdrawal, you can withdraw your winnings instantly.
  4. Here, enter the amount you want to withdraw and verify to do the same.
  5. There is a minimum and maximum withdrawal limit imposed on your funds from the casino side. Make sure to request the payout between the limits.

    For example, in most of the casinos, the minimum withdrawal limit is $10 and the maximum withdrawal limit varies from casino to casino and your profile status. Some players who are included in loyalty programs and VIP membership are allowed to withdraw bigger amounts and are offered higher maximum withdrawal limits.
  6. Click on the withdrawal and the amount will be released according to the terms and conditions of the online casino.

Making a deposit and withdrawing the winnings are two crucial elements of the payment gateways and online casinos. Just imagine how annoying it is when you have $500 winnings but are unable to withdraw the winning due to strict withdrawal policies of the casino or delay from payment gateway. That is why we recommend you to choose the best online casino offering the relevant payment gateway like EcoPayz.

Advantages and Disadvantages of EcoPayz

It is impossible for anything to satisfy all the aspects. Same with the EcoPayz, it comes with both advantages and disadvantages as well. Below mentioned are some of the advantages and disadvantages of EcoPayz, let’s have a look:


  1. Due to being one of the oldest e-wallets it is accepted by most of the online casinos and gambling websites across the world.
  2. Setting up the ecoPayz account is simple and includes familiar steps to use it.
  3. The cashouts are quick and there is no need to wait for days to get your funds.
  4. Act as a buffer between your bank account and online casino, which will both keep your financial information secure and prevent the fraudsters from cheating you.
  5. The ecoPayz gives the option to borrow the physical card to their users.


  1. The online payment prepaid card is not available to users worldwide. The use of e-wallet is limited to some parts of the world.
  2. To make a transfer from your Ecopayz account to your bank account may include a processing fee.
  3. The deposit bonus may vary from casino to casino. You need to make sure whether the casino you are using offers a bonus for making a deposit using the ecoPayz payment gateway.

There is a need to consider both the benefits and disadvantages of any payment method before choosing it for your online gambling journey. Hope the above-mentioned pros and cons of ecoPays helps you to determine whether to go with the payment gateway or not.

Why choose our listed online casinos?

If you want a safe and secure ecoPayz payment method, then you need to choose a reliable online casino. Not all the online casinos are accepting transactions made using ecoPayz. Those who accept the payment using ecoPayz are having some other shortcomings. Well! There is no need to worry at all, to make it easy for you our team has compared several online casinos based on some factors and considerations. Choose any of the best casinos offering ecoPayz payment methods and start your gambling journey. 

There are some considerations and factors we have focused on while comparing the top online casinos. Some of these factors are mentioned below, let’s have a look:

Deposit and withdrawal

For an online casino there are two major factors that determine whether the casino is ideal to kickstart the gambling journey or not. These factors are the deposit of funds and withdrawal of winnings. Our team has practically made small deposits and withdraw the same on some of the casinos to determine some crucial aspects like:

●     Time taken for withdrawal of winnings.

●     Easy to use interface

●     Wagering requirements for winning

●     Time to deposit the money

●     Familiar steps

Customer service

Whenever any player faces any difficulty, the only place where he/she will get a reliable solution is the customer support. Just imagine you are facing any issue and the customer support center of the online casinos is not reverting to your query, it will be annoying and irritating. That is why there is a need to choose the online casinos with relevant customer support. We have asked for the queries and other issues to the customer support center of various casinos and shortlisted a few of them with gentle and fast customer support.

For example, if you make a win of $500 but are unable to withdraw it due to technical issues, here you are supposed to raise a problem in the support center. If there is genuine support staff, they will look out for your problem and provide the resolute solutions as soon as possible.

Safety and security

The safety and security of players must be the prime priority of online casinos. You find a lot of casinos on the internet that have privacy concerns due to weak safety interactions. But if you have chosen from our listed ones, you will find the best casinos in terms of security and protection of customer funds. It will be annoying if you lose your deposited funds from your casino due to low security and privacy encryption algorithms.


Players need to stay alert and attentive while making any financial transactions with the merchants like online casinos. As there are no chances of a refund if the funds are transferred to any unauthorized casino. If you have chosen any of the casinos from our listed ones then. There is no need to worry about the authenticity. Our listed casinos are well integrated with the ecoPayz card and offer interesting bonuses and rewards to the players who pay using the ecoCard. The article will assist you with all the major operations like deposit and withdrawal using the payment gateway.

FAQs about ecoPayz for Indian players

FAQ EcoPayz

  • Are ecoPayz transactions safe and secure?

    Yes, the transactions made using the ecoPayz payment gateway are safe and secure from most of the payment gateways offered by online casinos. The ecoPayz wallet acts as a buffer between your bank account and the online casino account. This will prevent any third-party to access your financial details and bank account. To make a deposit you need to top-up your ecoPayz wallet and then transfer the funds to the online casino. The payments made using the ecoCard are end to end encrypted, there is no need to worry about your privacy.

  • Are there any fees included with ecoPayz?

    There are no such payments included in the payments made using the ecoPayz to make a deposit to an online casino from the payment gateway side. But the dee can be imposed from the casino side. The fees may vary from casino to casino, even some casinos don’t charge the players with fees. However, you need to read out all the terms and conditions of your online casino before signing up. There may be any hidden charges or fees included in the casino site.

  • Can I use ecoPayz for my online casino transactions?

    The transactions made using the payment methods like ecoPayz are widely accepted by most of the online casinos. Because of the safer gateway and environment offered by these payment methods to the players. Players do not need to link their bank account directly to the online casinos to make a deposit or withdraw the winnings. Instead, these pre-pad e-wallets act as the buffer between the casino and the bank account. Players primarily need to top-up their ecoPayz wallet and then proceed with the payment from ecoCard to the online casino. This will prevent the direct exposure of bank accounts to the Internet. Hence, all the possibilities of fraud will become zero.

  • Are the ecoPayz transactions to online casinos fast?

    The payments made from the ecoPayz are fast and secure as compared to most of the online payment methods. There are several reasons behind the same as the ecoPayz is a prepaid card that is especially used to pay funds to the online merchants across the world. But the first deposit made and withdrawal winnings from the online casino may be slow and takes time. Because of the strict norms set by the Indian government over online casinos to prevent money trafficking. Also, the casino may ask you for document verification like your passport and other details. Once the verification is done, the further payments will be I stand and fast.