High roller and VIP bonuses

When it comes to offering bonuses to players and members, high roller and VIP bonuses is one of them, even if online casinos have a lot of them. Most of the online casinos used to treat all their players equally and provide the bonuses accordingly but there are some special players who have deposited bulk amounts of deposits and play actively. These players are known as high rollers and are treated with some additional perks and benefits from the online casinos. This is because these high rollers are the lifeline or treasury for the online casinos and no one wants to lose such a golden egg hen.

Usually, these players deposit a bulk amount of money which counts in several thousand dollars, and wager huge amounts on the online casino games. That is the only reason online casinos used to offer high roller bonuses to such players. Here in this article, we will know more about the high roller bonuses and VIP bonuses offered by online casinos.

The only disadvantage of high roller bonus casinos is that there are limited payment options. As the amount is massive and some payment gateways are not capable of supporting such massive amounts. So keep in mind to check whether the payment methods available are accessible to you or not.

High roller and VIP bonuses on Indian online casinos

What are high roller bonuses?

A high roller bonus is one of the most difficult bonuses to grab from an online casino because it is only given to the players who have made a huge first deposit in their account or actively spend a lot of money in playing games. The rewards received as the high roller bonus can be any including a large deposit limit, fewer withdrawal limits, discounts, cashbacks, and many more.

The players who will receive the high roller bonus will automatically be placed at a certain level in the VIP club of the online casino. This will open the gateway of perks and bonuses to that player. But there are some terms and conditions like they need to wager the amount several times within the given time frame. After meeting all these wagering requirements they can withdraw their winnings or bonus rewards.

How does a high roller bonus work?

The processing and working of a high roller bonus are straightforward. Most people consider it complex but in reality, the high roller bonus is nothing but the facilities and perks given to the players who spend a lot of money on gambling. Well! Such perks and benefits are crucial for the high rollers because such players need them as of their liberal approach to bidding. All the benefits given are favorable for their approach to bidding.

Most offers and bonuses delivered by the online casinos are only meant for promotion but in the case of high roller bonuses, they are not just rewards but the basic facilities that have to be given to players who spend a lot of their funds on gambling. If you want to know more about the high roller bonuses and how they work then we recommend you to read out the terms and conditions.

More importantly, the approach of high roller bonuses is not limited to online rewards only. Some top online casinos that have their land based options will provide special hotel facilities, food, and transportation to their VIP player for offline gambling. Hope so you understand what high rollers bonuses are and how they work.

Difference between a high roller bonus and a VIP bonus?

Both the terms high roller bonus and VIP bonus are made only for frequent and active players. The most common thing about these bonuses is that they are out of the reach of low rollers. Only the players who have qualified for the needs and requirements to grab the high roller bonus will be rewarded with a VIP membership. There are different levels of VIP membership, depending on the casinos.

After researching the top online casinos we have found out that most of the casinos have free and fair VIP program policies. That means there is some eligibility designed by the online casino, the players who have cleared this eligibility will automatically place in the tiers of VIP membership. There are usually three tiers of VIP membership with their different perks and benefits. Moreover, an invitation will be sent to the player whether he wants to join the VIP membership or not.

On the other hand, the high roller bonuses may vary from casino to casino but most probably the players who have made a massive first deposit will get the high roller bonus. The existing customer can also get the high roller bonus once they made a deposit more than the minimum deposit required. Usually, the high roller bonuses are introduced to the players on special occasions like any festival or anniversary of the casino.

What to look for in a high roller bonus?

No bonus offered by online casinos comes with the direct withdrawal interface. They come along with some needs and requirements which need to be fulfilled to make the payout request. Before expecting anything from the high roller bonus there is a need to know some basic things. These will avoid unwanted surprises later on. We have researched and found out the top things needed to keep in mind before going for a high roller bonus:

Minimum deposit amount:

Every online casino has set up a minimum limit, the players who make a deposit more than that minimum limit will get the high roller bonus. For example, the minimum limit of a casino is $3000 and if you made a deposit of $3100 then you will be rewarded with the high roller bonus. But in case you have made the deposit of only $2900, you will not get the bonus.

That is why it is highly recommended to the players to look for the terms and conditions of high roller bonuses, before risking their money in playing games or unwanted deposits. More importantly, the minimum deposit may vary from casino to casino or also depending upon the games sometimes.

Wagering requirements:

Wagering requirements refer to the terms and conditions made by online casinos to safeguard their funds delivered to the players in the form of bonuses and rewards. Players need to meet all these needs and requirements to withdraw the winnings. Wagering also refers to the amount of time you need to wager before making a cashout request.

For example, if your casino has 30× wagering requirements then you need to bid with the amount of around 30 times of the bonus funds. Usually, the wagering requirements in most of the casinos are around 10× to 40×.

Capped withdrawals:

Capped withdrawal refers to the minimum amount that can be withdrawn in one go. This condition is adopted by online casinos to prevent the high rollers from manipulating the casino for their benefit. As the high rollers will deposit the minimum amount required to get the high roller bonus and after getting the bonus, usually withdraw it. So, keep in mind to check for the minimum withdrawal limit before making any deposit.

Bank charges:

Bank charges are the fees a bank charges for the financial transactions. These charges are mostly in the form of a percentage of the total amount, i.e. 2%-4%. Also, the percentage is depending upon the translation, more amount means a higher percentage of bank charges. That is why you need to keep in mind to look for the bank charges before moving your funds from bank to casino or from casino to bank. Always avoid over-transactions as they can lead to heavy loss in the form of bank charges.

Maximum withdrawal limits:

Every nation has some set of rules and regulations made for banks in order to restrict uncertain transactions. You should consider the maximum withdrawal limit provided by your bank. The maximum withdrawal limit varies from bank to bank and state to state. The players who are residing in states with strict gambling policies must consider the maximum withdrawal limit provided by their banks.

Banks are given the power to ask you for the source of your funds and can also withhold the amount in case the answer seems unsatisfactory. So, in case you want to avoid the unwanted frustrations of the delay in the process of cashing out, make sure to look for your bank’s maximum withdrawal limits.

Explains the benefits of high roller and VIP bonuses for Indian casino players

Benefits of high roller bonuses

It is known to us about the perks and benefits of playing at high-roller casinos. Along with the thrill and fun of playing, there are several other reasons as well. Some of these reasons are mentioned below let’s have a look:

VIP casino Tournaments

The biggest advantage of playing as a high roller is the time to time tournaments where you will get the chance to compete with the other high spenders. High spender competitors mean huge winning amounts. Even the offline casinos are also offering such tournaments and deliver bulk rewards and winning to the VIP players. For instance, you can also see the inter casino tournaments of high rollers.

Bigger payouts

Big stakes and the higher payout are other benefits of high roller casinos. As you are investing a lot of money you can expect the bulk winnings, to almost double or many times your money. That is why whenever you win, the amount will be impressively high. Just imagine the happiness of getting huge payouts and faster withdrawals.

Exclusive rewards

There is a straightforward rule for every casino, ” the more you spend the more you win”. The number of rewards and perks are depending upon the money spent by you. Here the rewards are not limited to online perks only. We are talking about hotel suites, free meals, luxury transportation, and more in case the online casino has land based options. Also, some of the top casinos deliver apple and android devices to their VIP players for playing games.

Get a VIP account manager

The players who are betting with a bulk amount of money will be treated royally and given a dedicated account manager for their VIP account. The manager will assist you in all your activities, from playing games to all VIP services. In the case of special occasions like on your birthday you will be rewarded with special treatment. The manager will take care of all your freebies including your hotel suites, free meals, luxury transportation, and more.

Weekly rewards and gifts

The players who have qualified for the VIP bonuses will be rewarded with bonuses and rewards from time to time. The rewards can be any including gambling-inspired gifts, weekly rewards, and even birthday gifts! These rewards will be beneficial for the players who want to level up their profile and move towards the higher tier of VIP membership.

Invitation to events

Online casinos organized several offline events and programs for the success of their casino or to reward the top players. All the upper tier VIP members will be invited to such events along with a coverage of all the hotel, drinks, food, and transportation expenses.

How to become a high roller?

As we have all seen there are hundreds of benefits and perks given to the high rollers. So, a question arises in your mind, how to become a high roller? Well! If you have a satisfactory amount of funds in your bank balance you can also become a high roller. Below mentioned are the steps, let’s have a look:

Choose an online casino

There are hundreds of online casinos available on the internet but only a few will offer your high roller bonuses. You need to choose that one. No, need to worry at all, our list of the best high roller online casinos will help you to choose the best one for you. Choosing an online casino is the beginning of your high roller adventure.

Sign up

After getting the perfect high-roller casino to start your gambling journey all you need to do is register with the casino and verify your account. First of all mention all your important details like name, email, address, etc. Then a verification link is sent to your email, verify it and you will be successfully registered as well as verified.

Make a deposit

To get the high roller bonus you need to be highlighted in the vision of an online casino. Make sure to make the first deposit with an impressive amount! To do so, select your preferred payment method, add the required amount, and all sets. Also, keep in mind to claim the welcome bonus, some of the top sites are used to offer match bonuses to the newly joined player. Like if you deposit $1000, your account will be credited with an additional $1000 as your welcome bonus.

Pick a game and start playing

The next and most important step is to pick up a game and spend your money. The games can be any including table games like baccarat, roulette or even practicing your blackjack strategies. You have hundreds of options including your slots and poker. We recommend you to look for the terms and conditions of the game before playing because some games are not eligible for high roller bonuses.

Withdraw your winnings

If you have spent enough money, your account will be credited with a high roller bonus or other perks. If you are included in the VIP membership then you will get fast withdrawal options. The withdrawal of the amount from the online casinos usually takes around 1-7 days.

Why choose our recommended casinos?

Playing online gambling means risking all your money especially when you are a high roller. Just imagine depositing all your funds to a scam or unauthorized online casino. That Is why there is a need to conduct research before making any move toward the online casino journey. But it requires a lot of time and effort which are not available in case you are having a busy daily schedule.

As an alternative, our team of expert analytics has already researched the top casinos based on several aspects and listed the best high-roller online casinos for you. You can choose any of these casinos and start your online gambling journey without any worry. We consider several aspects like going through the terms and conditions of each casino regarding high roller bonuses, their authenticity and reviews of existing players, rating over other review sites, and many more.

After considering all these aspects we provide scores to each online casino and list them based on scores. As there are thousands of online casinos which are fake and scams. People have already lost their money after depositing in such casinos. Always go with the reliable one and invest your money accordingly.


An ordinary player just deposits a few amounts of money and plays frequent games, which is why they do not require any special or VIP facilities. On the other hand, there are the players who used to spend millions on gambling and are actively playing games at online casinos. Such players require special treatment and perks from the online casinos. And such needs and requirements are fulfilled by the high roller bonuses and VIP programs. These special perks act as an aid for them and make the interface of the online casino easy to use for them.

The other motive for presenting the VIP membership and high roller bonus to the players is to motivate other players to make high deposits and play games. As the perks and benefits are premium, every player wants to enjoy such benefits. To do so, they would like to play games and make more deposits.

FAQ about high roller and VIP bonuses online


  • Is it possible to reject a VIP membership?

    Yes, anyone who has received a proposal for VIP membership can decline it. There is no need to worry whether you will get the offer again or not. As, if you have joined the VIP program, the lack of activity and low deposits will automatically kick you out of the membership. Again, after achieving the enough points you will get the offer of a VIP membership again.

  • What is VIP status at a casino?

    Only the player who stays loyal towards the casino for a long period and spends a lot of money will get the VIP status. Such players will revive additional perks and rewards from the casino from time to time. Extra incentives like low withdrawal limits, high deposit limits, cash backs, discounts, and many more.

  • What is a high roller bonus?

    Online casinos used to adopt several promotional strategies to beat their competitors, like offering bonuses and incentives to their players. A high roller bonus is such an incentive that is given to the players who have made a high first deposit. The minimum deposit varies from casino to casino. The high role bonus is given in the form of cash rewards or match bonuses.

  • Do high-roller slots pay more?

    Yes, the high-roller slots will give you more rewards as compared to the lower limit slots. But it does not mean that you will get rewards all the time. The probability of your winning is the same as compared to the lower limit slots. So, place your bet accordingly.

  • What are the best casino games for high rollers?

    The biggest benefit of high rollers is that they can play a lot more games along with boosted stakes. You will see several premium live dealer tables, volatility video slots, and many more. Also, the games which offer high jackpot amounts are also accessible for the high rollers.

  • Where can I find the terms and conditions of high stake bonuses?

    As every bonus and reward comes along with some terms and conditions which need to be satisfied to withdraw the amount. Here, the high stake bonus also has some requirements and terms which includes, limits, deposit limits, casino bonus wagering requirements, qualifying games, casino bonus codes, expiry period, etc. All these terms and conditions are available as the ordinary terms and conditions of the online casinos.