Mini Flush Games

Indian casino games are popular, especially online. When the Covid-19 pandemic, sent the entire world into lockdown, these desi versions of international casino games found an entirely new section of audience. For instance, the mini flush game has given Indian gamblers great opportunities to showcase those gambling skills and take home a good amount of cash. Read more and dont forget to the get the best casino bonuses when you play the Mini Flush games!

Mini Flush Games -

What is mini flush?

This is a casino game played with a standard deck of cards. Player and Banker both get three cards each. As per flush rules, the ultimate objective for the player is to get a higher-ranked card combination, to beat the dealer’s hand.

How to play mini flush game?

Are you aware of 3-card poker? Yes, mini flush is an exciting variant of the poker game. The Indian gambling minds have invented a desi version, known as mini flush.

What are the rules for mini flush?

Just like other casino games, the mini flush online game has rules too. You should be well-aware of those before you begin to play. Here goes:

Play mini flush online – terms to know

It is important to know the rules prior to playing mini flush online, to win at the game. In this section, we will familiarize you with terms discussed above. Take a look:

The Trail 

This is when the player has three aces in their hand. The payout is 100 times the bet amount. In a game as mini flush, this set of cards has the highest ranking.

Double Run or Straight Flush 

The player holds three cards in a row of the same suit. The payout is even money on the board and bet amounts and a board bonus that is 75 times the initial bet amount. 

Three of a Kind 

The player should have three cards of the same rank or value. The payout is even money on the board bet and the bet amount, with a board bonus that is 5 times the bet amount. 

Run or Straight 

The player should have three cards of any suit in each sequence. The payout is even money or 1 time on the board bet and the bet amount. There is also a board bonus that is 4 times of the bet amount.


The player needs to have three cards of the same suit in any sequence. The payout is even money on the board bet and bet amounts and a board bonus that is twice that amount.


The player should have two cards of the same rank in any sequence. If you win with a pair here, you will receive even money on the board stake and the best payouts.

High Cards

What happens when a hand doesn’t contain a pair or better? Then these cards are used to rank combinations. The player who has the highest-ranking card wins. 

The payout, if you win with a High Card is even money on the board bet and the bet amounts. 

How to play mini flush online?

As mentioned, in mini flush game, players must play against the dealer. The job of the dealer is to deal three cards to all players. They are dealt face down. Three cards are dealt to the house as well. A deck of 52 cards is used for this game. Rankings and strategies are like poker.

The game starts when players place a mandatory Ante bet.  It is up to players to decide the amount – they can do so unanimously among themselves. Prior to cards being dealt, they must determine if they wish to bet on high and low side bets. After checking their cards, they can decide if they want to bet or fold. The bet will be two times the initial Ante. Folding means quitting the game and losing the original Ante!  The goal of the game is to bet that your hand is better than the dealer.

FAQ about Mini flush games -

FAQ – Mini Flush Games

  • How likely are you to win on mini flush?

    For newbies, the house edge is the casino’s mathematical advantage over the player. Remember that these edges are integrated into every table game. When it comes to the mini flush game, the house edge varies based on the Bet, High and Low payout odds.

  • What are high and low side bets in mini flush game?

    These are side bets that are one of the most crucial aspects of this game (mini flush). Have you decided to bet on high or low? Regardless of what you select, the bet is twice the original Ante. You must create a pair or higher, to win a high side bet. To win on the low side, you need to get a 10 or lower high card that isn’t flush or straight flush.  If you place a high bet, you must also wager on the outcome of both the high bet and the ante. But if you bet on the low side bet, you have the choice to fold and win the low side bet as well. It isn’t mandatory to place side bets, but you must place them before cards are dealt.  Dealer’s better hand won’t impact the optional bets in any way. These wagers only consider the cards in the player’s hand, not whether the player will prevail against the dealer.

  • How to play mini flush live casino?

    A game (mini flush) in a live casino is when you play at an online casino, but the gaming takes place in a real-time and interactive format.  Mini flush live casino is when you play against the dealer and other players in real-time.  The action streams live to your computer or mobile device – it gives the feel of being in an actual casino! 

  • Why should you play mini flush live casino?

    To begin with, it is a more social experience than playing at an online casino. You can chat with dealers and other players – it makes the makes the experience of playing a game (mini flush), more immersive and entertaining. Rest assured that a mini flush game at a live casino will be fair. The dealers are real people, so no one can rig the games. You can proceed with peace of mind that you have a fair chance of winning.

  • How to choose a mini flush live casino?

    If you really wish to play at a mini flush live casino, you must be aware of certain things. Take a look:

    The mini flush live casino has to be regulated and credible. As you are aware, there are several scams out there, so you have to be sure of playing at a legit live casino.

    Please take time to understand the terms and conditions of the live casino before you start playing. It will help to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

    Now that you know how to play mini flush online, go ahead and give it a try! But make sure you read the rules carefully and understand them, or you could end up losing huge amounts of money! Needless to say, always choose a regulated and/or licensed online casino while playing mini flush online. Do everything by the book and you will have an amazing time playing the mini flush game!