No Wagering Casino bonuses

Online gambling is growing day by day. More and more people are getting to bet their finds in gambling. This is because everyone wants to make money without any effort. But it is not true at all, gambling also requires proper strategy and knowledge. More importantly, a reliable platform. Choose from our listed online casinos and start your gambling journey. There are hundreds of online casino platforms which used to offer bonuses and incentives to the players to stand out from the competition.

There are many types of bonuses given to the players like welcome bonuses, signup bonuses, and first deposit bonuses, which are the no wagering bonus. This type of online casino bonus is considered the best because players are not required to fulfill the formalities to cash out their funds. Whereas in the case of ordinary bonuses, you need to complete plenty of wagering requirements to withdraw your winnings as well as your bonus amount. Here, we will know more about the no wagering bonus.

Information about no wagering casino bonuses for Indian casino players online.

What are no wagering bonuses?

Bonuses are the promotional and marketing elements of the online casinos. These are presented to attract new players and recruit them as the permanent members. No wagering bonus is the perfect example. In this type of bonus, players do not need to satisfy any wagering requirement. They can easily make the payout request and withdraw their winnings as well as the bonus funds. On the other hand, the ordinary bonus can only be cashed out if the player completes the playthrough requirements which is around 30× to 60× sometimes.

For example, if a bonus amount is $100 and has 30× wagering requirements then the player needs to wager 30×, i.e. $100×30 = $3000 to make the payout request and withdraw the winnings as well as $300 bonus amount. Whereas in the case of no wagering casino bonuses no such requirements are there and players can easily make the payout request as soon as they wager the bonus amount single time. Now, most of the people ask how to get the no wagering bonus, well! It varies from casino to casino.

Usually, if the no wagering casino bonus is available as a welcome bonus then you need to sign up and register with the casino and make the first deposit which meets the minimum deposit requirement of the bonus. If you do so, the bonus amount will be directly credited to your account. There might be some other requirements like playing certain games, spending $300 money, and so on. Read out the terms and description of the bonus. Avoid the bonus if the terms and conditions look unfair and the bonus seems not worth the investment.

Benefits of no wagering bonuses

It is known to us that all the bonuses offered by the online casinos are offered for the marketing purposes and serve a specific purpose to the casino. But the no-wagering bonuses also come with some benefits for the players, some of these benefits are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

Test new games:

Casinos used to introduce new games and slots from time to time. And as new players, we have no idea about the winnings and other things related to the game. The only option to know more is by testing. Here, the no wagering bonus reward is the best option to invest in that game without having the risk of losing actual funds.

No wagering requirements:

One of the most annoying things about the bonuses offered by online casinos is that they come along with some wagering requirements where a player needs to fulfill some eligibility criteria to cash out the bonus funds as well as the winning amount. But in the case of no wagering bonuses, such requirements are not needed to be fulfilled.

Test casino:

One of the most important things to do while starting the online gambling journey is to find a reliable online casino. There are thousands of casinos that make it difficult to choose the best one. The best way is to test them, but funds are required to test a casino, and depositing funds to unknown platforms is no good. Here, the no wagering casino bonus plays a vital role. If you receive the no-wagering funds as your welcome bonus then you can easily test the platform whether it is reliable for you or not.

Chances of winning a big amount:

The funds received as no wagering bonuses are similar to the real cash and have fewer limitations. As ordinary bonuses are limited to some of the games and come with certain limitations like minimum winning amount. Whereas, such terms and conditions are fewer in the case of no wagering bonuses. Players can use the funds to play multiple games and if they are lucky enough can win a huge amount.

Things to keep in mind before claiming no wagering bonuses

It is very important to know about all the aspects before starting anything. The same needed to be followed before claiming the no wagering bonus. Some of the things to keep in mind are mentioned below:

Wagering requirements:

The no wagering casino bonuses do not mean that they have no wagering requirements and can be directly cashed out by the players. Sometimes these attractive names are given to the bonuses for promotional purposes only. To know the actual nature of the bonus it is recommended to read out the description as well as the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Suppose you have seen a bonus offer named as no wagering bonus. You activate the offer and complete all the challenges to claim it like making a deposit, playing games, or spins. But when you receive the bonus, you observe that you need to complete some wagering requirements in order to make the payout request. This will be the most disappointing situation for you if you spend both your money and efforts to claim the bonus.

Minimum winnings:

There is a limit to the winning amount imposed on the no wagering bonuses by the online casinos. This means players can only win up to the mentioned amount. Any winning made above the limit cannot be withdrawn or cashed out. So, make sure to look at whether the bonus credited to your casino account has some winning limits or not. If yes then keep in mind to bid only on the games whose winnings are under the limit as mentioned in the bonus terms.

It will be disappointing if you place a bet and win the jackpot but can not cash out your winnings. For example, you get $100 as a no wagering bonus which has a winning limit of $500. But you place a bet of $1000 using your funds $900 and $100 of the bonus. After the results, you win $10000 but then come to know about the winning limit. In this situation, you can only withdraw $500 and the rest of the money will disappear automatically. Here, instead of giving profit, the bonus makes a huge loss in your gambling journey.

Eligible games:

The no wagering bonuses are also limited in terms of the number of games played. Players can only use the bonus funds on some of the games of online casinos. Now, it depends upon the casino whether it allows the players to play all the games using the no wagering bonus or not. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the bonus from the promotion page before claiming. Imagine you claim a bonus but the bonus is restricted to the games you haven’t heard about yet.

Expiry date:

Nothing is permanent in life, the same with the no wagering casino bonuses. They come within a certain time and will expire after the same. Players need to utilize the bonus before the expiry period. The failure in the same will lead to the disappearance of the bonus. Usually, the average expiry period of the bonuses offered by online casinos is around 30 days to 60 days. Some casinos offer even less. So, keep an eye on bonus tenure while playing games.

Deposit conditions:

Players will receive the bonus only after achieving a milestone or completing the challenges. Like some bonuses can be credited if the player deposits while some bonuses can be claimed after collecting certain loyalty points. Same in the case of no wagering casino bonus, you need to read the description of the bonus as well as the terms and conditions. These must be mentioned in the deposit conditions. Like you need to make a minimum deposit of $500 to claim the bonus.

Payment gateways:

All your winnings and bonus fund is useless if you can not cash them out. Every nation and state has different laws for online gambling. You need to verify whether your state permits you to proceed with the transactions related to online gambling. If there is a restriction, your bank will not accept the payment, and all your efforts will be useless. Also, online casinos do not support all the payment methods. Make sure the payment methods you are using are supported by the online casino.

The online casino no wagering bonus will be beneficial for your online gambling journey buy keep an eye on deposit conditions, expiry dates, eligible games, and limited winnings before claiming the same.

FAQ about no wagering casino bonuses in Indian casinos


  • What type of bonus is a no wagering bonus?

    Bi uses are offered by the online casinos just for promotional purposes and to inspire the players to play more. No wagering bonuses are the bonuses that can be directly withdrawn without satisfying any needs and requirements. Usually, ordinary bonuses come with some playthrough requirements which have to be done to make the payor request. But in the case of no wagering bonus, these requirements are not there.

  • Is it easy to claim no wagering bonus?

    Claiming the no wagering bonus includes the similar steps as the ordinary bonus. If you are eligible for the bonus, you will be notified and can claim it from the promotional page. But no wagering bonuses are the rarest bonuses offered by online casinos. As the casino needs to give its funds to the players without any profit. Mostly, these bonuses are given to VIP players and have small amounts or rewards.

  • Can we get no gathering bonus as a welcome bonus?

    It is difficult but not impossible. As the no wagering bonuses are very difficult to get especially in the welcome or other ordinary bonuses. In most casinos, no wagering bonuses are awarded in loyalty programs or only to VIP players. But you can also get the no wagering bonus as your welcome bonus, just need to find casinos that are offering such rewards.

  • Can we cash out no-wagering bonuses?

    As the name suggests that there is no need to meet any wagering requirements to cash out the no wagering bonuses, but this does not mean players can immediately withdraw their no-wagering bonus. The reward received as no wagering bonuses has to be played once in order to cash it out. However, the winnings made using the bonus are not subjected to wagering requirements.

  • Is there any limitation on the no wagering bonus?

    It is entirely dependent upon the terms and conditions of the bonus whether there is any limitation or not. Usually, the reward received in the no wagering bonus is limited to some games and slots. It varies from casino to casino. We recommend you to read out the terms and conditions of the bonus from the promotional page before claiming.

  • Can I get $1000 as a wagering bonus?

    Well! For a new player to get such a high reward with no wagering requirement is next to impossible. But if you are an active player and are part of any loyalty program or VIP program then there are chances you get $1000 as a no wagering bonus. Another way is to make a huge deposit, like if you make a deposit of $10000 then there are chances you get $1000 with no wagering requirements.