Indian Rummy

What is Indian Rummy game?

Indian Rummy has a very funny name – Paplu! And the game, which is a variant of the classic rummy, is extremely entertaining as well. The Indian game Rummy is usually played between 2-6 players at a time. Players have to create valid sets out of 13 cards each. If there are two players, then a single 52-card deck works perfectly. But if there are six players, then a couple of 52-deck cards are a must. Players in the Indian game Rummy have to draw and discard cards by turns – this goes on till a player completes their cards with valid sets as per the rules.

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What are the rules of Indian Rummy game?

As mentioned, a player has to begin the Indian game Rummy with 13 cards – they have to make valid sequences. Please remember that sequences in Indian game Rummy have to be pure, which means 3 or 4 successive cards of the same suit. Impure sequences work too, which is 3 or 4 successive cards with a joker. Yet another way to score is with triples – 3 cards of the same value but of various suits.

Here are the rules of Indian Rummy:


Joker cards are used to form an impure sequence or completing a triple set. After dealing, the top card of the stockpile becomes the joker. Printed jokers work too.

Cards Ranking

Cards follow the ranking of ace being the lowest and king the highest. Jack, queen, king, and ace are 10 points. Other cards are valued as per the number on them.

How Indian Rummy is played?

The player to the left of the dealer starts the game. They pick a card from top of the deck, which is the stockpile, and flip it face up. This card becomes the joker. Please remember, this joker decides the wild cards of the round, and all cards with the same rank as the joker become wild cards too. 

The dealer deals 13 cards to each player, anti-clockwise, after deciding the joker. The dealer takes one more card from the top of the stockpile and places it face up next to the stock, to be the discard pile.

The game begins as players draw one and discard one card. In some versions, cards don’t have to be placed down onto the play area. Players keep cards in their hands, till they declare valid sets. They have to meld cards in one way or another – take a look:

If the stockpile gets over before any players declare valid sets with all 13 cards being melded, the top card from the discard pile is set aside, while the remaining cards from the pile are shuffled and turned face down to become the new stockpile. The top card starts the new discard pile.

If there are multiple rounds, players can go ahead and pack, which means to fold. However, it has to be the start of a player’s turn, if they wish to pack. It prevents them from taking their turn for the rest of the round. But there could be penalties – check with the online casino.

How to play Indian Rummy online?

Indian Rummy is played online following the same rules of Indian Rummy as discussed above. The game ends when a player has all 13 cards in their hand, melded in one way or another. This happens when the player discards their last card and declares “rummy”. They have won, so other players calculate deadwood scores for the winner.

Deadwood is the cards that aren’t melded after a round in online Indian Rummy is over. These cards award penalty points to the player, but in Indian rummy, the winner gets the points instead. The player who declares rummy, or has the lowest overall deadwood score, gets a natural 0. The deadwood scores of other players are added, and the payout decided accordingly. This is the winner’s round score, and needless to say, the highest round score wins. Aces, kings, queens, and jacks are 10 points if they remain in hand, while other cards have the value of the number on them. The joker cards are worth 0 points. Indian Rummy online is amazing, but don’t get too carried away, and keep playing to cover previous losses. It is necessary to know when to stop!

Types and variations of Rummy

Just like other games, Indian Rummy has some types and variants too, which make it all the more alluring:

Points Rummy

Every point gets a monetary value before the game starts. The winner takes home all the money that the opponents have lost.

Pool Rummy

2-6 players participate in this game at one time. There are two versions of this game – 101 pool and 201 pool. The former leads to elimination of players when their score is 101, while the latter eliminates players when their score is 202. The last player at the table wins!

Deals Rummy

This game is goes on for a specific number of deals. For instance, it could be fore 2, 4, or 6 deals. The player left with the most number of chips after the last deal, emerges as the winner. The best part is you have the chance to cover up for losses in upcoming deals, even if you lose the initial one. 

Gin Rummy

It is a popular version of the rummy in the United States, played by 2 players. A standard 52-card deck is adequate. There are no jokers in the game. Players have to meld 10 cards into sets or sequences.

Contract Rummy

It is a variation of gin rummy and played by 3-8 players with multiple card decks. Players get 10 cards for the first four rounds and 12 for the rest – game lasts for 7 rounds with each round differing from each other.

Kalooki Rummy

This game, in turn, is a variation of contract rummy. The number of decks depends upon the number of players – usually 3-8. The game goes on for a fixed number of deals. The game ends when all cards are melded. If you have the lowest total score at the end, you win. 

500 Rummy

It is played by 2-8 players, with the player getting a score on the basis of the value of sets or cards being melded.

Popular strategies for Rummy

Although there is no set formula using which, you can win at an Indian Rummy online, here are some pointers:

Aim for the pure sequence

Complete a pure sequence first. Thus, you don’t get the sum of all points of the cards in hand; just in case another player chooses to declare in a game of online Indian Rummy

Study your opponent

It is imperative to study your competitor’s gaming styles. Watch the cards they pick or discard – it gives an idea of what cards you should keep or eliminate. If you can master the game well, you will know how to trick your opponent to discard the cards you require. For instance, if you want to create a set of 8’s, and you have the 8 of spades and hearts, along with a 9 of clubs, go ahead and discard the latter. Your opponent might consider discarding an 8 of clubs, so you can make your set in online Indian Rummy!

Don’t keep high point cards

Please don’t make the mistake of hoarding cards like aces, kings, queens, and jacks, and wait to form sets or sequences. It could boost your points’ burden, which is a huge issue if another player declares before you do at online Indian Rummy.

Don’t wait for the “right” cards

There are no specific cards that can correctly create a sequence. It is advisable to keep two consecutive cards instead of alternate ones. For instance, if you have an 8 and 10 of diamonds, and you draw a 7 of the same suit, it is best to keep it and discard the 10. Now you can create two kinds of pure sequences, if you draw the 6 or 9 of diamonds, and can even trick another player to discard the 9 of diamonds if they have it!

Keep the middle cards

Always opt for versatile middle cards. You can use them to create more combinations with other middle cards, as compared to low and high value cards. For instance, you can use a 6 of any suit, for a sequence with 4,5 or 5,7, or even 7,8, in online Indian Rummy.

Be sure to alternate colours

Arrange cards in a red-black-red or black-red-black colour combination. It prevents confusion, and you can avoid discarding useful cards by mistake.

More jokers boost winning chances

For example, if you already have a pure sequence, use the jokers to complete the next sequence. If you are lucky enough to have two sequences, use the available jokers to first create sets or sequences with high point cards. Don’t waste jokers in pure sequences. 

Indian Rummy at live casinos

You can easily play the Indian Rummy game at live casinos, by getting a chance to pit your wits against other players. Human dealers supervise and conduct the game. All this, without stepping foot in a land-based casino! A video camera broadcasts the game directly to your device, in high quality format. Players have to use built-in chat features to ask questions or clear doubts. 

Since the action takes place in real-time, you can rest assured, there can’t be any cheating, and the Indian rummy online is 100% fair. Moreover, the experience of Indian Rummy live is extremely exciting, as you get to interact with the dealer and other players too. Indian Rummy games with a live dealer are usually available any hour of the day, so you have the luxury to choose a time as per your schedule.

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Indian Rummy FAQs

  • What is the difference between Classic Rummy and Indian Rummy?

    The rules and format of both games are quite similar. But in Indian Rummy there are 13 cards and players can’t discard a discard draw. Moreover, the deadwood score doesn’t act as a penalty to one’s own score. The winner gets the payout as per the score.

  • What is the joker and what are wild cards/wild jokers?

    Joker is the main card in Indian Rummy games. It is for substituting a missing card in a sequence or set. Printed and wild cards are the two kinds of jokers in rummy. As we all know, printed jokers are present in a standard deck. A wild card is selected randomly when the game starts. For instance, if the dealer chooses the 6 of hearts, then all 6’s from other suits become wild jokers. 

  • What is an invalid declaration in rummy?

    A player has to show their cards first. If the cards are valid, they emerge as the winner. A valid hand should have at least two sequences. There has to be a minimum of two sequences, including at least one pure sequence, and the remaining cards have to be in sets or sequences.

  • How to win at Indian Rummy game?

    If you know how Indian Rummy is played, you will understand why having open-ended cards, and mixing them around when you receive cards from the discard pile is the best strategy. But you need a pure sequence first.

  • Can you play Indian Rummy for cash?

    Yes, one of the most thrilling aspects of Indian Rummy online is cash tournaments. If you know how Indian Rummy is played, and can showcase those skills, you might win an excellent amount. You have to pay a nominal registration fee, and in return you get the chance to score big at an Indian game Rummy!

  • What is a drop in Indian Rummy games?

    Every player can opt to play a game or participate in a certain round in the game, prior to drawing their first card. In case the player decides not to play, it is a drop (called the first drop). If a player chooses to drop out after picking their first card, then it is a middle drop. 

The Indian Rummy game doesn’t have complex rules that could put your head in a whirl! But it is important to gamble responsibly, and at a credible casino, so you don’t get in trouble. This is all the more necessary if you play with real cash! Also, get a quick look where you can find the best bonuses for Indian Rummy.