Responsible Gambling in India

Gambling can be a good source of entertainment as well as making money from your savings. But the gambling addiction can be hazardous for economic, physical, and mental health. There are many such examples of people who have lost everything only because of their addictive habits of gambling. To ensure a safer and more secure platform for gambling, online casinos are used to adopt responsible gambling. Responsible gambling is the measures and policies applicable to gambling stakeholders.

The biggest reason behind the legislation of responsible gambling is to ensure safeguarding and high-quality standards for all players. If you are willing to start your gambling journey then you must need to know about gambling and all related information. Here is the full guide about responsible gambling in India.

Page for responsible gambling and gaming for Indian casino players

What is responsible gambling?

Gambling is good and can be a great source of some additional money for an individual until the gambling is converted into an addiction and you lose all your capital. To prevent such incidents, there are some policies and measures adopted by online casinos for the welfare and safeguarding of the stakeholders. Gambling done along with following all these policies and measures is known as responsible gambling. The reliable framework of responsible gambling encourages the players and members to take gambling as a recreational activity.

This will make the players spend affordable capital only. Whether the player wins or loses there will be no financial risk in responsible gambling. While it will also prevent the players from pursuing gambling as their primary source of income and revenue. It has been noticed that players after getting addicted to gambling start to pursue the same as their full-time income source and leave their jobs or other occupations. However, after suffering from loss such players face troubles and financial depression. Here, the responsible gambling.

There are about seven aspects that need to be kept in mind while applying responsible gambling. These areas are deemed to be of high importance. These are as mentioned below, let’s have a look:

Safety checks against criminal activity

There must be an eye on the platform and make sure that no illegal activities will take place. A lot of people use gambling platforms for investing their black money and illegal assets.

Personal data privacy

The login details and personal data of players must be protected and encrypted. Personal data includes name, email, date of birth, location, account balance, passwords, and other casino-related data.

Granting permissions

Nowadays, most applications and websites request for the permissions like cameras, access storage, contacts, accounts, and microphone, and even want access to the location. However, most of these applications do not require such permission to function. Permitting them may lead to privacy concerns. Online casinos have to consider the same under their responsible gambling policies. Only the necessary permission should be requested from the players.

Safe environment security

The platform of the online casinos must be well protected and coded using the latest security features. This will prevent the website from all cyber-attacks and malicious activities from black hat hackers. A lot of online casinos with fewer security features face such attacks. Sometimes the deposited funds of players also get stolen by hackers. So, make sure to choose the online casino with the best responsible gambling policies. Have a look at our listed ones.

Vulnerable Security protection

All other types of security and cyber aid should be provided to the players so that they will feel safe and secure playing games or placing bets.

Ethical and responsible marketing

Marketing is one of the most crucial activities to attract new players and recruit them. Almost all the casinos display their advertisements on promotional pages. But things get worse when the casino displays fake promotions or promotions with hidden terms and conditions. For example, a casino offers the players to give $500 as a welcome bonus, so to get the bonus players to sign up with the casino but then came to know about hidden terms and conditions, like you need to deposit $1000 to claim your bonus of $500.

There must be visible and transparent policies for promotional and marketing pages. So that the players will not face any further issues. All the essential terms and conditions should be mentioned on the promotional page so that it becomes easy for players to claim the bonuses and complete the challenges accordingly.

Underage gambling prevention

Nowadays, underage teens have a trend to make money and are looking for easy ways to make money. At last, they are directed to casinos and gambling platforms by the Internet. Due to a lack of knowledge and skills, these teens gamble a massive amount borrowed from their parents or friends. In case of loss, big troubles occurred. So, a casino must have parent-control policies that allow only adults to sign up for the casinos.

Explains the tools to use for responsible gambling

Responsible Gambling Tools

There are a few tools and resources offered by online casinos to their players to maintain responsible gambling. These tools can be synced with the player profile and used to limit their activities over the online casino. Most of these tools are easily available in all casinos and can be activated from settings. Some of these tools are mentioned below:

Loss Limit

The loss limit prevents the player from placing the bet after reaching the maximum loss limit. The limit can be set as per the player’s preference for a specific period. The players can bet again even after reaching the limit if there are still more funds in the casino account. The algorithm of the casinos will automatically send you alert messages after reaching certain milestones of the maximum loss limit.

Wagering limit

Wagering is done to withdraw the bonuses offered by casinos with wagering requirements. A player needs to fulfill the wagering requirements in order to make a payout request. For example, if you receive a bonus of $100 with a wagering requirement of 10× then you need to bet with $1000 to withdraw the $100 bonus amount. Sometimes the wagering requirements might reach 50× to 90×, so to withdraw the bonus payers spend a lot on wagering which can be hazardous or have financial risks.

So, this tool will allow the players to set the maximum wager amount. The casino will send you an alert after you have reached the maximum wagering limit.

Session limit

If you are getting addicted to online casinos and have a massive screen time on casinos then this tool is for you. You can set the time limit for your sessions at the casino. The time limit can be set on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Like 2-3 hours a day or 20 hours a week or more. Once the limit has expired the game algorithm will automatically log out your id from the online casino website. Our listed online casinos have the best responsible gambling policies.

Time alert

The time alert tool is similar to the session limit tolls but will only alert you about the time you spend gambling instead of logging you out of the online casino. You can set the time tenures of getting the alert through notifications like every hour, after every half an hour, etc.


The self-exclusion tool is for the addicted players who want to limit their gambling habits. They can simply use a tool to close the profile for a certain period of time. The player can not log in until the time limit has expired. The take limit can be set as per the preference of the players. You can only log in after making a request in the customer care.


For the player who wants to track their gambling profile can use this tool. It will summarize and prepare short notes of your gambling journey. It includes all the data related to your deposits, bets, withdrawals, time spent, and many more. You can analyze the data and prepare a strategy for the further gambling accordingly.

Transaction history

Rather than a tool, the transaction history feature will help you to track all the financial activities on your casino account. It includes deposits, withdrawals, bets, and results of a specific period. All the options like daily, weekly, monthly, and all-time transaction history options are given. 

All the above-mentioned tools and resources will aid you in safe and secure gambling. However, the availability of these tools may vary from casino to casino. Not all online casinos have such user-friendly features. More importantly, these tools are not activated by default. You need to activate them from the settings and set up the limits as per your preference. Make sure to set the limits ideally, because a few tools can be ignored if the limit expires and you need to wait for the effective time of the tool’s action.


There is a mentality among the public and society that gambling is evil for youths and can destroy their life. This is true but only in some instances. If gambling is done with discipline and strategy, it can be a good source of part-time income. It is highly recommended for the players to follow all the reasonable gambling policies to ensure a safe and secure gambling journey. If you are looking for the best reasonable gambling policy online casinos then check out our listed ones.

FAQs about responsible gaming in India

FAQ Responsible Gaming

      • What are examples of reasonable gambling?

        Reasonable gambling is nothing but gambling in an organized way to avoid all kinds of circumstances. The examples of reasonable gambling are taking breaks, gambling only with the affordable money, not taking gambling as your primary source of income, and imposing some limits and restrictions on your gambling, the limits include both time and money.

      • Is reasonable gambling safe?

        When it comes to privacy and security, reasonable gambling is one of the safest ways to start your gambling journey without having any physical, mental, or economic risks. There are hundreds of online gambling platforms in India, you need to choose the top ones that offer reasonable gambling policies. Check out our list and choose the best reasonable gambling casinos.

      • How can we ensure reasonable gambling?

        – Set deposit and money limits

        – Set time and session for gambling

        – Track your transaction history

        – Take breaks and fewer your screen time

        – Use tools and resources offered by online casinos for reasonable gambling.

        – Always use affordable funds for gambling.

        – Choose an online casino with the best reasonable gambling policies.

      • Is it possible to maintain discipline in gambling?

        Gambling is a game of discipline and strategy. If both of these aspects are followed obediently can result in huge profits and prevent loss. If you are unable to keep discipline in your gambling journey then adopt the reasonable gambling policies or activate the tools for the same from settings. Lack of discipline includes spending all your savings and money for the best, spending hours gambling, being addicted to casinos, and many more.

      • Is underage gambling an issue?

        One of the biggest issues faced by society is underage gambling. Most teenagers are always in search of shortcuts to earn money, which directs them to the world of gambling. Here the lack of knowledge and experience leads to massive loss. To recover the loss the children or teens adopt illegal ways like theft, robbery, and many more. To prevent the same, online casinos adopt reasonable gambling.

      • Is gambling good or bad?

        Gambling is good or bad entirely depending upon the players. If the mindset is to earn part-time income from gambling using affordable funds then gambling is good but if the motive is to become a millionaire using gambling is bad and can lead to economic risks. To achieve the same players started to use all their capital and even borrow from family and friends. There are only 1% changes of malign money from gambling. So, make sure to bet only when you have a plan and strategy.