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Online casinos are a great platform for entertainment as well as for making money with acceptable strategy and luck. Anyone can create an account on these casinos and start their gambling journey. First of all, players need to make a deposit that will be used to bet and win. Online casinos have certain modes of payment methods that are used to accept payment from the players. These gateways allow the players to transfer funds from their bank account to the casino account.

One of such payment methods is Eazypay. For Indians, this is considered as the best and most reliable mode of making payments on different websites and online casinos. Here in this article, we will inform you more about the use of EazyPay in online casinos.

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What is Eazypay?

Eazypay is an Indian payment method portal that allows all Indians to deposit or withdraw their funds on different platforms and websites. Nowadays all the online casinos and gambling sites are adopting this method of payment because of high security, reliability, and least terms and conditions.  Eazypay is presented by ICICI Bank as one of the best payment options in the country. The payment methods open the gateway for people to see different options of this system, namely, offline or online, checks, using internet banking, cash, or bank cards.

Using Eazypay is as simple as making tea or coffee, especially for the gambling players who need to instantly make a deposit and withdraw funds. The payment gateway was introduced a few years back by ICICI Bank in India. The only downside of this payment method is that it is available only for the customers or account holders of ICICI Bank. The payment method can be accessible easily after a simple process of integration with their casino account.

How to use Eazypay on casino sites?

For online gambling activities, Eazypay is considered as a safe and reliable method of payment. But a lot of people are unaware of the process of using this payment method with the betting sites. Well! The account holders of ICICI Bank can start using the payment gateways after making a primary deposit of minimum funds to the casino account. The first despot is just for verification.

First of all, make sure to check whether your online casino is accepting or has an Eazypay payment method portal or not. If you are looking for the online casinos that are accepting the Eazypay payment method, then choose any of the online casinos from our listed ones. Have a look at our list of the best Eazypay online casinos. It is easy to know about the payment-related information of casino sites. As there is a particular section describing the payment information. You can check whether the casino accepts payments from Eazypay or not.

More importantly, the ICICI bank account holders need to set up their Eazypay account before starting to make payments from the portal. If you have already set up your Eazypay account, then you can easily start making payments at online casinos in India. Users can perform both deposits and withdrawals of funds using Eazypay.

Withdrawing of funds from online casinos

The withdrawal process of funds from online casinos to your bank account through Eazypay may take a long time as compared to depositing funds. This is because the online casinos are bound to several government policies and rules. They need to verify the player before releasing funds. Also, a certain part of the fund will be given to the government as tax. All these verification’s and processes may take time.

No need to worry, the withdrawal of your win only takes time for the first time. After verification, you can instantly withdraw your winnings in easy steps. Strictness is followed in order to prevent the black marketing and money laundering in the country. This can be annoying for the lucky players who are waiting and want to cash out their winnings. You may be asked to submit a copy of your passport or utility bill for the process of verification.

Depositing of funds in online casinos

Players can make their first deposit in online casinos from the cashier option available on the casinos site. There are several payment methods available. You need to choose Eazypay out of them. Now, decide the amount you want to deposit. After entering the amount follow the on-screen instruction and integrate your gambling site into your Eazypay account. After successful integration, the cash can be deposited in one go.

In some online casinos, there is a minimum despot and maximum deposit limit. Make sure to read out all the terms and conditions before making a deposit. Because it will be annoying to not be able to withdraw your winnings after making a deposit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Eazypay in online casinos

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using the Eazypay payment method with online casinos. Some of these advantages and disadvantages are mentioned below let’s have a look:



Eazypay casino bonuses

Making a payment using eazypay on an online casino opens the gateway to multiple bonuses and rewards. Various wеlсоmе расkаgе dеаlѕ, рrоmоtіоnѕ, аnd bоnuѕеѕ are offered to the new and existing players after depositing the casino account. The welcome bonus can also be claimed after making the first deposit on the casino account from your Eazypay card or account.

As the casinos are strict towards the first deposit or welcome bonuses. The bonuses can be claimed only if the deposit is made from any authorized payment method. Eazypay is recognized as one of the most popular payment methods. You can claim your bonus 100% after using Eazypay.

Eazypay Fees

There is no transaction fee included for the payment made using the eazypay payment gateway. However, the processing fees are charged from the online casino side. There are a number of hidden charges and fees applicable to performing different financial activities in casinos. So, to protect yourself from such hidden charges, make sure to read the terms and conditions related to the financial transactions made using Eazypay. The transaction fee charged by the online casinos is a certain percentage of the payment.

For example, if you make a deposit of $500 using eazypay to your online casino account then no fee is charged from the eazypay. The fees are charged from the casino side like if the processing fee is 2% then you will be charged $10. Eazypay is verified with international security standard PCI DSS. N need to worry about your financial data.

Eazypay support

An excellent customer support is offered to the customers by ICICI Bank. If you have faced any issues while making a payment to the online casino, then the helpline of the bank will assist you with the best possible solution to your issue. Moreover, there are already the answers to the most asked questions on the customer help page. You can get relevant answers there. If you are not satisfied, then can live chat or call with the helpline employee.

The services of eazypay are available all over India, all you need to have is a desktop, laptop, tablet, or a smartphone with fast internet connection. The gambling journey will be easy and free of transaction errors if the perfect online casino is chosen along with the integration of eazypay payment method.

Why choose our listed online casinos?

There are hundreds of online casinos on the internet with different claims and offers. But only a few of them are safe and relevant for players. One of the biggest downs faced by Indian players is making a deposit or withdrawing a win. That is why we have compared various casinos based on some important qualifications and shortlisted some of the best casinos with multiple payment methods including Eazypay.

For ICICI Bank customers, the online casinos offering Eazypay are most recommended due to their highly secure portal and user-friendly interface. Once verified the deposit or withdrawal can be made within seconds. Other than the payment methods we have considered several other factors while choosing the top casinos, this includes whether the casinos are authorized by the government or not, charges and commission fees, bonuses offered, deposit and withdrawal limits, wagering requirements, number of games, sport betting and many more.


There are several payment methods and gateways offered by the online casinos for the players to deposit and withdraw their winnings. Eazypay is one such payment method. It is fast, secure, and reliable over other payment gateways. But the only disadvantage of this payment method is the limit of usage only to ICICI customers. If you want to use this payment gateway, then make sure to open a bank account with ICICI Bank. A secure payment method is required especially when the payment is made for any gambling site.

FAQs about eazypay

FAQ EazyPay

  • Is it safe to use Eazypay for online casino payments?

    When it comes to the safe and secure payments at online casinos, nothing is better than Eazypay.  It is powered by ICICI Bank and is made following all the government norms and instructions. All your financial details will remain private and even the casino can not get access to your data. Whether you want to make a deposit to online casinos or withdraw your winnings, Eazypay will be the safest option for you. But the payment method is only available for ICICI bank customers. So, you need to have an account in ICICI Bank to enjoy the Eazypay payment method.

  • How can I sign up for Eazypay?

    Signing up for Eazypay is a simple and fast process. First of all, make sure that you have a bank account with ICICI Bank. The bank customers have the option to sign up or start the facilities of Eazypay in their bank account. The price is quick and includes very easy steps. All you need to do is just follow the onscreen instructions. Not only the online casinos, but the eazypay can be used to make payments to different merchants over the internet. Nowadays almost all the websites and websites have an option for Eazypay payment.

  • Is there any minimum and maximum deposit or withdrawal limit on Eazypay payments?

    Well! There are no limits on making a deposit or withdrawing funds using the Eazypay method from ICICI Bank. But the restriction can be found in online casinos. You need to look out at the terms and conditions of the online casino before signing up. Some casinos have certain restrictions on financial activities. This is because of the government instructions for financial transactions implemented in these casinos.

  • Are bonuses available after making a deposit using Eazypay?

    Yes, the first deposit bonus is available if the payment is made using the Eazypay payment portal. This payment method is similar to other payment gateways. The only difference is that this is available only for ICICI bank customers. Moreover, online casinos in India have certain restrictions for players regarding bonuses on making a deposit. But when the payment is made using a secure payment gateway like Eazypay, the chances of getting the bonus are 100%.