RTP (Return To Player)

If you are an online casino player and play games regularly then there are a few terms that may appear regularly. One such term is, “Return to player” RTP. It is crucial for a player to know about RTP because it plays a vital role in determining your chances of winnings and can convert the unprofitable game into profitable ones. The amount of payment you are supposed to receive is determined by the term.

And the most important part is that this term is related to both land based and online casinos. So, the article is beneficial for both types of players. Here, this guide will help you to know more about the term, Return to player (RTP).

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What is Return To Player (RTP Casino)?

If you are an online casino player then you must have heard about the term, “Return to player or Casino RTP”. Well! RTP is the amount or percentage of money casinos return to the players after a long period of time. The Return to player is usually displayed in percentage and may vary from casino to casino. Let’s take an example, a casino is offering 95.5% of RTP to the players then if you have spent over $100 for wagering, you will be credited with 95.5% of $100, i.e. $95.5 in your casino account.

Also, keep in mind that the Return to player RTP is determined by several factors and keeps changing from time to time, you should not expect the RTP the same from your online casino. That means whether you are winning and have a winning streak or slots, the low RTP can spoil all your winnings and leave you with a stretch of bad luck.

How is RTP calculated?

The process of calculating the RTP percentage is straightforward and includes some easy steps. There is nothing complex in the procedure of calculating the percentage. All you need to do is just divide the total number of wins made by the player by the total amount gambled. Some people think that the percentage is calculated on the basis of the history of the particular game but in reality, it is done through computer algorithms. The procedure is done by the computer algorithm by considering the amount gambled and the amount won by the players. 

There is a simple formula to calculate long-term RTP, here it is:

     (win1 + win2 + win3 + …… + win100)

       —————————————————- ×100%

                               BET × 100

Still, every game is different and has diverse properties. As for the games like table-related games including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, video poker, and craps it is quite challenging to calculate the percentage. Here, several factors and aspects are calculated like the strategies adopted by players. Sometimes the percentage went lower only because of unskilled moves. For example in the blackjack game, higher skills are required, but some unskilled players randomly play the game and lower their own RTP percentage.

Also, the RTP set by the web developers can not be 100% or more because it is next to impossible, and if the percentage of RTP matches 100%, it will be non-profitable for both casino and web developers. A higher RTP is not profitable for the casino which is why the RTP always ranges between 90% to 98%, in some cases 99%. If a casino is having higher RTP then this is for promotional purposes and to attract new players.

Moreover, online casinos have no control over the regulation of slots and the percentage of RTP. Because the online casinos have taken slot machines for rent from web developers. Here, the RTP of slot machines is determined by the players themselves. Note that the slot machines are coded with a computer algorithm that is fully encrypted to work freely without the influence and manipulation of any casino or web developers.

Difference between RTP and House Edge?

It is known to us that RTP is the percentage of the total amount of bets in a game or slot whereas House Edge is the percentage of the total amount of bets lost by the players or kept by online casinos. For example, if the RTP of a particular game is around 96% then the House edge will be 4%. Usually, players find it profitable after making wins against online casinos. But when it comes to the long term the amount of money bet by them is always more than the winnings. Hence, online casinos are always profitable.

For example, if a player bets $100 on a game that gives an RTP of 96% then the 4% is deducted as House Edge and he will get $96 back into the casino account. But again he places a bet and will get $92.16 as RTP and lose $3.84. It clearly indicates that the online casino will take 4% every time the player places a bet. It is simple to know about the RTP of any game or slot. All you need to do is just click on the slot or game you want to know and search for RTP or return to play as a keyword and all set. You will be directed to the estimated payouts of the game. The RTP looks like: 

Explains the meaning of online vs offline RTP

 Online RTP vs Offline RTP

When it comes to the online Return to players vs offline return to players, the online RTP is always lower as compared to offline RTP because of the low maintenance cost. An offline casino needs to spend a lot on its staff members, security, food and beverages, and other facilities. On the other hand, the online casinos just need to hire some web professionals and AI to maintain their websites.

Also, there are thousands of online casinos available on the internet which creates a sense of competition among them and they have to lower their charges and house edge percentages. The process of calculating RTP is easy for online casinos. More importantly, online casinos are not limited to the size of their premises, they can set up an unlimited number of e-slot machines whereas the offline casinos need to set up several physical slot machines and look out for their periodic setup, repair, and maintenance costs.

Variance and RTP

Most users and players are confused among two different terms i.e. RTP and Variance. They are closely related to each other in some aspects but are different things. Variance is how the RTP is realized. Online casinos are used to keep the variance lower to prevent the players from early busting and allow them to make more spins. These games are usually programmed for frequent and smaller hits. On the other hand, the games which are offering higher variance are made to provide bigger hits.

Here, it clearly suggests that not all the games with higher RTP are friendly with players and are profitable. However, in general, the higher RTP games are better and recommended to play as compared to the games with lower RTP. But players, who have a volatile choice, need to make a lot of spins in order to go even close to the RTP percentage.

Truth and Myths about RTP

There are some truths and myths circulating on the internet about RTP. In the past years, there have been a lot of ideas and views about how RTP works and things to do about RTP. Below mentioned are some of these, let’s have a look:

Manipulate RTP of their slots

This is the biggest myth in the mind of people that online casinos can manipulate the slots for their profit. But this is not true at all. Online casinos rent e-slot machines from online casinos and have no access to the functioning of slots. Even web developers have no access to slots, and the Percentage of RTP is regulated by computer algorithms.

Progressive jackpots influence the RTP of slots

Yes it is 100% true that the progressive jackpots have a great influence over the RTP. But players will significantly play the slots until someone wins the jackpot. Till then you will play the slots with RTP lower than it is advertised.

RTP is completely significant for a single session

This fact may vary from casino to casino. However the slot with a 96% RTP percentage is more relevant than the slot with an RTP of 80%. That is why it is highly recommended to all the players that always play the slot with higher RTP percentage because you will get a slightly higher proportion of winning.


For any serious gambling player, the RTP can be a profitable tool. Just imagine if you are already aware of the return percentage of your online casino, you can make a profit out of your losses. It will also allow the player to find out the best return to playing games and extend their bankroll. If you are looking for Return to player the best online casino game then choose any from our listed ones.

FAQ RTP ( Return to player)

  • What is the RTP Return to player in an online casino?

    Return to player is abbreviated as RTP in online casinos. It is the percentage of the total amount given back to the players. For if a player spent $100 on a bet in a slot machine that has 95% RTP then the player will be credited with $5 as RTP in their online casino account. The rest of the amount kept by online casinos is known as House Edge. If the RTP percentage is 96% then the House edge will be 4%.

  • What is the average percentage of RTP?

    The percentage of RTP given to the players varies from casino to casino. But on average, the percentage is around 90% to 96% or more in some online casinos. Also, the percentage of RTP is fewer in offline or land-based casinos because of the maintenance and setup of physical slot machines. RTP is calculated by a simple formula, i.e. The total number of winnings divided by the total amount wagered for gambling. The calculation is performed by the computer algorithm of the online casino after thousands of bets.

  • What is the golden rule of casinos?

    Every casino has its unique tagline which is adopted to attract the eye of visitors and recruit them as new members. But the golden rule for both offline and online gambling is “never gamble more than you are willing to lose. This rule needed to be adopted by the players of online casinos to make their gambling journey profitable and loss-free.

  • Is higher or lower RTP better?

    It is beneficial for a player to already know about the RTP of different slots and games as it will help them to identify the best and most profitable slot to bet in. We recommend you to always go for the game or a lot offering high RTP as compared to the game having low RTP. Especially, if you are a regular player, the RTP matters a lot in the long term and can enhance your bankroll if used as a profitable tool.

  • Does RTP matter in online slots?

    Yes, RTP matters a lot in online lots. Return to player is abbreviated as RTP and will determine your winnings. The higher RTP slot means more chances of winning cash while playing the games. That is why it is recommended that you choose online games with a higher RTP percentage. Have a look at our listed best Return To Players games.

  • Who sets RTP?

    There are different procedures to calculate the RTP of slots games and table games. In the case of slots, the RTP is determined by the computer algorithm by considering the total amount of winning and the total amount wagered by the players. The calculation is done after thousands of bets. On the other hand in table games, the calculation is done based on strategy and many other factors.