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There is a lot of competition in the field of online casinos, and to stand out from the crowd, casinos are always trying to introduce something new and stunning to the players. This may include bonuses, good referral incentives, welcome bonuses, discounts, and cashback. One of the best strategies to attract more and more new players is by introducing theme-based slots. That is why casinos have interesting slots like slots named after superheroes, movies, celebrities, anime characters, and cartoon characters.

Moving further some casinos also started to present their slots in an animative form. Instead of symbols and pictures, small animations and video clips are displayed in reels. If the video clips displayed in reels made a pattern, the player is considered the winner. However, the working and other things remain similar to ordinary slot machines. Such slot machines are known as video slots. Here, you will know more about video slot machines.

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What are Video slots?

Video slots are similar to the other types of slots, the only difference that makes them different from all other types of slots is the video animations or clips in the place of symbols and pictures in reels. As in other types of slots, there are some special symbols like bells, fruits, jokers, hats, etc. But in the case of video slots the symbols are replaced by heme-based videos and clips. This may include the movie theme, superheroes, comics, cartoon characters or TV serials.

These video animations look stunning while placed on the reels of the slot machines. New players are always attracted towards the casinos which offer video slots. In recent years, video slot games have become popular especially when the casinos started shifting towards online platforms. Nowadays in almost all the top-ranked online casinos, you will easily find the video slot machines.

Play free video slots

If you are a gambler and used to spending hours in online casinos then you might be friendly with the slot machines. These are one of the best and easiest gambling machines and the possibility of winning is also high as compared to other games. For those who are looking for a fun way to play slots without risking their funds, a free video slot is an ideal option. Some of the online casinos used to offer free spins on video slots to their players.

There are some ways to win the free video slot spins, like if you are a new player and sign up for the first time at an online casino then you can get free spins as your welcome bonus. These spins had some wagering requirements which needed to be completed to make a payout request. Another is by making a deposit. New players after making their first deposit will be credited with the first deposit bonus, this bonus includes real cash or free spins sometimes.

Classic slots vs video slots

Slot machines are further classified into various variants based on theme, design, and working. Classic slots and video slots are the two most popular variants of slot machines. The working of both of these slot machines is similar to each other, the only difference is in the design and reels. In classic slots, the machine is designed after vintage themes and old symbols on the reels. On the other hand, the video slots have unique clips and videos on their reels.

They both offer the same chance to win great rewards and real cash. But in some instances, they are different from each other. Classic slots have a three reels design which is easy to play and understand, more importantly, the less animative interface is loved by players who like vintage or old-school type slot machines. There are hundreds of variations to try in classic slot machines. Nowadays, players like to play the animated and modern slot machines, which is why no new classic slot machines have been introduced for a long time.

On the other hand, the video slot machines include more bonus rounds and have a higher number of play lines. These slot machines are fully animated and loaded with amazing themes. There are thousands of theses to choose from in video slot machines. Even the players can play or spin in the video slot machines themed after their favorite celebrity, superhero, music, band, movie, cartoon, or anime character.

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How to play video slot machines?

Playing video slot machines is simple and similar to the other ordinary slot machines. But still, some players face difficulty because of the high animations and higher number of play lines. That is why we present you the step-by-step guide to using the video slot machines, here it is: 

  1. Choose any of the best video slot online casinos from our listed ones.
  2. Open on any device whether you have a desktop, android, or iOS.
  3. There are hundreds of video slot machines, select your favorite video slot machine.
  4. Make sure to read out all the terms and conditions of the slot machine before placing a bet and spin.
  5. Now, look at your account balance and place the bet accordingly. Never bet across the limit of your casino account balance.
  6. Observe the game’s paytable and decide which you need to look out for after spin.
  7. Choose the number of pay lines and make the spin.
  8. Wait until the reels start spinning, and observe whether there is a required pattern or not.
  9. If you win, there is an option to choose whether you want to gamble the winning amount or cash it out.
  10. Keep an eye on your bankroll to prevent overspending.

Video slots with jackpot

One of the biggest attractions of the video slot is the jackpot. As the video slot machines are themed after movies, characters, music, TV serials, or other intellectual properties, they offer some jackpot rewards to the winners for their marketing purposes. For example, if there is a big movie going to launch, then the video slot machine themed after that movie launches and offers a jackpot prize. This will both promote the movie and earn profit for the producers as well.

To get the Jackpot, the rules are quite simple. The players need to line up three or four top-paying symbols in a pattern. Some jackpot video slots also have certain levels, which need to be cleared by the player to get the jackpot amount. A certain percentage of the prize will be given to the player after clearing each level and getting the full amount after winning the top level of the slot game. Make sure to read out the terms and conditions and look whether there is any wagering requirement on the jackpot or not.


Video slot machines are one of the best slot machines which will both attract new players and look stunning while playing. Moreover, the sound effects look cool. If you are playing the video slot machine themes after your favorite superhero then be ready to listen to the real sound of that superhero too. If you are looking for the best video slot machine online casino then have a look at our lost casinos. Our team has compared the top online casinos and shortlisted the best video slots from them.

FAQs about Video Slots at casinos

FAQ Video Slots

  • How does a video slot machine work?

    The working of the video slot machines is similar to other slots, all you need to do is just choose the video slot machine from an authorized casino and choose the playlist to be played. Wager the coins or cash and hit the spin button. Wait until all three reels stop and form a pattern. Now, observe the pattern, if it matches you win the reward and lose your cash if the pattern does not match each other. Just the symbols and pictures are replaced by video clips in video slots.

  • Are video slot machines programmed?

    None of the slot machines are programmed, they use the computer algorithms to work and are free from any influence of the online casino as well as the web developers. The outcome of the slot machines is determined by the RNG (Random number generator) which is free in nature and end-to-end encrypted. Even the computer in the machine has no idea about the symbols or clips on the reel. There is no need to worry about any scams or fraud.

  • Are slot machines connected to the internet?

    Yes, all kinds of slot machines are connected to the web and are always online. Even the online casinos used to rent the slot machines from companies where they were designed by web developers. After completing with the slot machine web developers showcase it for rent and online casinos get it from the same. Video slot machines are always online to the internet even if the primary connection has been lost.

  • Does a video slot machine have memory?

    No, video slot machines have no memory, they are fully independent. There is nothing common in the current and previous spin, not even 1%. Every soon is unique and it is next to impossible to identify the pattern and manipulate the machine for profit. The pattern may be matched after billions of spins.