Non-Sticky bonus

The casino market is full of competition among online casinos. As in recent years, there is a sudden boom in the number of players who start gambling. So, to attract players and recruit them, casinos offer different types of bonuses. These bonuses are given to the players on certain activities and achievements in the casino like the welcome bonus is given to the newly joined players, the loyalty bonus to daily active players, the first deposit bonus after depositing for the first time, and many more.

One of such bonuses is the non-sticky bonus. This type of bonus is awarded rarely to the players. Because this reward can be withdrawn directly along with the winnings made in the funds of the non-sticky bonus. The best thing is that all you need to do is just meet some wagering requirements. Here in this article, we will know all about the non-sticky bonuses.

Information page about Non-Sticky bonus and bonuses

What is a non-sticky bonus?

The non-sticky bonuses are also known as cashback bonuses, which means the players who received the non-sticky bonus can cash it out as soon as they meet the wagering requirements. These types of houses are only offered to the active players as the casino is delivering them their funds. The non-sticky bonus comes with some wagering requirements, which can be seen in the terms and conditions of the promotion. The amount earned using the non-sticky bonus can also be withdrawn matching to your initial deposits.

The cash ale bonus can be revived in any form. The online casino may offer the non-sticky bonus as a match bonus, welcome bonus, first deposit bonus, or loyalty bonus. But keep in mind, you can not cash out the bonus unless completing all the wagering requirements. It is highly recommended for the players to look for the terms and conditions. Because once you have used your bonus amount along with your own funds, you can not withdraw the winnings until you meet the wagering requirements.

For example, if you have made a deposit of $100 and get the $100 as your non-sticky bonus. Then you can use your $100 to bet and the winnings can be easily withdrawn without meeting any wagering requirements. But if you use the $100 of your non-sticky bonus and get $200, then the winnings can only be withdrawn after completing all the wagering requirements.

Nature of non-sticky bonuses?

When you heard the name, “non-sticky bonus”, you must have been curious about it and wanted to know the basic nature and parameters of the bonus. Usually, the people who are new to the gambling world are unaware of such terms. There are some important terms and properties of non-sticky bonuses you need to know before claiming them. Some of these properties are mentioned below:

How do non-sticky bonuses work?

The non-sticky bonus is similar to the ordinary bonuses but the main difference is cashback or non-cashable. While most of the bonuses are sticky bonuses, the non-sticky bonuses can be cashed out by the players. Sometimes the players are offered with the non-sticky bonuses automatically with their welcome bonus or first deposit bonus. So, it is important for you to know about the different features of the non-sticky bonus.

Most online casinos have different sections in the accounts where your initial funds and bonus funds are listed separately. This will help you to track your funds and prepare the strategy to use them for gambling. The non-sticky bonus can be used similarly to the initial funds used. If you are looking for the best non-sticky bonus online casinos then choose any of the online casinos listed in our list. 

For example, if you have made a deposit of $100 to your casino account and receive $100 matching to your deposit as a non-sticky bonus. Then you have a total of $200 to place the bets. However, if you want to use $100 for gambling then the casino will allow you to use the initial deposit made by you. If you do so and win $500, you can instantly withdraw the winnings from your casino account to your bank account.

According to our research and analysis of the top casinos, we observed that everyone must use non-sticky bonuses undoubtedly. Such bonuses can be very beneficial for you as well as uplift the level of your online casino profile. The bonus can be an opportunity for you to place bigger bets and make more money. The winnings can be withdrawn whenever you want.

Best non-sticky bonuses

Non-sticky bonuses come in different sizes and variations. Depending upon your status and profile level. The amount you are going to receive as your non-sticky bonus is depending upon several factors and aspects, below mentioned are a few of them:

100% Match bonus as a non-sticky bonus

Online casinos offer the non-sticky bonus in different ways but the most common way is through maths bonuses. The casino will provide you rewards of cash equivalent to your deposit. Like if you have made a deposit of $100 to your casino account then the casino will credit your account with $100 as a match bonus which is non-sticky. You can withdraw the winnings made using the bonus after completing some wagering requirements.

Types of non-sticky bonuses

There are different types of non-sticky bonuses categorized on the basis of the percentage of the bonus, and terms and conditions. Below mentioned are the most common types of non-sticky bonuses:

100% non-sticky bonus: In this type of bonus the 100% match amount is credited to the account of the player after making a deposit. Like $100 for depositing $100.

200% non-sticky bonus: The 200% of the deposit made by the player will be credited to the casino account of the player. Like if you have made a deposit of $100 then you will get $200 as your non-sticky bonus.

Traditional non-sticky bonus: The traditional non-sticky bonus allows you to withdraw your winnings but you need to wager your initial deposit first before using the bonus. Like if you have $100 as a bonus and $50 as your deposit then you need to use the $50 first and after losing them you can use the bonus amount.

Half-sticky bonus: The half-sticky bonus is the combination of both sticky and non-sticky bonuses. Here you need to meet the wagering requirements to make the payout request and withdraw your winnings.

Advantages and disadvantages of non-sticky bonuses

As there are both negative sides and positive sides to everything. The same with the non-sticky bonuses. Some people may find them beneficial for their gambling journey while in some instances these bonuses can be a sin for your gambling journey We have found out some of the pros and cons that come along with the non-sticky bonuses, these are mentioned below:



To know more about the non-sticky bonuses we recommend you to read out the terms and conditions of your online casino. Because it is determined by the casinos whether to offer non-sticky bonuses or not.


Bonuses are a great way to boost your deposits and play higher bets. Also, the chances of getting the higher wins also increased. If you find it difficult to find the best non-sticky bonus online casino to start your gambling journey. No need to worry! Choose from the listed ones.

FAQ about non-sticky bonus and bonuses


  • How do I know whether my bonus is non-sticky or not?

    Most of the online casinos used to provide all the general details of the bonus including whether it is non-sticky or sticky on the promotional page. But in case the information is not there, you can contact the help center or read all the terms and conditions. It becomes important to know whether your bonus is sticky or non-sticky as the gambling strategies will be made accordingly.

  • What are the biggest benefits of using non-sticky bonuses?

    When it comes to the biggest benefit of using the non-stick bonus, the only word that comes to mind is cashable. This type of bonus is cashable and the winning made using the non-sticky no us funds can also be cashed out after meeting all the wagering requirements. The same is mentioned in the terms and conditions.

  • What are other terms used for non-sticky bonuses?

    The non-sticky bonuses are recognized by different names and phrases. This varies from casino to casino. The most common names of non-sticky bonuses are, “parachute bonuses” or “lifeline”, you may also see “forfeitable casino bonuses” and many more.

  • Why are there wagering requirements for non-sticky bonuses?

    Gathering requirements are important for the online casinos to prevent the players from making fraud with them. If there are no wagering requirements, the players will claim the bonus and withdraw it without making any deposit from themselves. Or will without their deposits after claiming the bonus? To prevent such situations, the wagering requirements are introduced. They act as an aid which will benefit both the casino and players.

  • Why do casinos offer non-sticky bonuses?

    Non-sticky bonuses are awarded to the players to encourage them to play more games and as a reward for their loyalty and activity. More importantly, the non-sticky bonuses act like promotional bonuses that will attract new players and stand and highlight the online casino out of the competition.

  • How many types of non-sticky bonuses?

    There are various types of non-sticky bonuses depending upon the bonus conditions and percentage of bonus. Some most common types are 100% non-sticky bonus, 200% non-sticky bonus, traditional non-sticky bonus, half-sticky bonus, and so on.