Loyalty Bonus

The only thought that pops up in our mind while thinking about online casino sites is bonuses. They work like an aid and help you to reach your dream level. There are numerous bonus offers presented by online casinos for their players, one such is the loyalty bonus. Loyalty bonuses are the best way to appreciate the regular players, if you want to claim the loyalty bonus then you need to make sure to stick with the casino site for a long time.

Loyalty scenes and VIP programs are a few ways to appreciate regular members. If you are looking for the best loyalty bonus casinos then our team will help you and provide the top player-friendly VIP schemes and loyalty bonus casinos. Our team works continuously in testing the top casino sites and making sure that you do not miss out on the best offers. Let’s know more about loyalty bonuses.

Explain loyalty bonus for Indian players in online casinos

What is a loyalty program?

To make the regular players feel special and appreciate their contribution, online casinos used to give some incentives to them. Such incentives are known as loyalty programs. The main motive of the loyalty bonuses is to encourage the players to play and grow more by using their services. The loyalty program gives some special rewards including free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance product releases. If you are willing to get the loyalty bonus you need to be eligible for some VIP program requirements.

You can easily understand the concept of loyalty programs by seeing the airline frequent flyer program and supermarket loyalty program. They used to give their regular customers an incentive in the form of a discount. The same is followed by online casinos and used to deliver some special rewards based on your patronage of the site.

How to get a loyalty bonus?

As we have stated earlier, loyalty bonuses are given to players who have made huge investments in the casino or have massive deposits. Those who are playing regularly can also get loyalty incentives. The formula for getting the loyalty bonus is simple, i.e. Play – earn points – get rewards. 


If you are regular and committed to playing any of your favorite games regularly then you are eligible to get the VIP pass, consistency and commitment is the key to loyalty bonuses.

Earn points and get rewards

The points are given to the players for performing different activities over their casino account. The more active players will get more points and have higher chances of getting a loyalty bonus as soon as possible. The reward points are determined by several factors including the amount deposited, your bets, and all over-investment. So, higher investment means higher reward points.

Also, there are several matches and tournaments organized by online casino sites, where you can participate and compete with the top players. This will give you amazing benefits as well as great incentives.

VIP program

There are thousands of registered casinos over the internet, from which most casinos have their VIP program. The VIP program is part of a loyalty bonus, if you want to become a member of VIP prime then there are some sort of requirements you need to fulfill and clear. Like all the players with loyalty bonuses need to compete with each other, the one with the highest number of points wins and is a part of the VIP program. The points are determined by your activities, investment, and playing games.

Anything performed by you on the online casinos is estimated and converted into points. After completing certain points you will be promoted to a higher level of the XP tier. The topmost players who have successfully reached the maximum levels will get rewarded with the VIP program.

And if we took the standalone VIP program, it is reserved for the selected players registered on the online casino. Every online casino has a team of VIP managers who will look at the account of top-level players and select the players with interesting profiles. The selected players are then invited to the VIP circle after clearing all the eligibility requirements.

What are some popular loyalty bonuses?

Loyalty bonuses are given to selected players, and the reward may vary from player to player. Here are some of the most popular loyalty bonuses you can claim if you are eligible:

Reload Bonus & Match Deposit Bonus: Reload bonus and match deposit bonus is the reward offered by online casinos for players who meet all the requirements for a loyalty bonus. In this type of bonus, the cash reward matching your deposit will be delivered to your account instantly. For example, if you have deployed $100, you will get $200 into your account.

No Deposit Bonus: The player who has not deposited funds in their casino account for a long time or has never deposited cash will get this reward. But there are some limits and restrictions that come along with no-deposit deposit bonuses. Like you can only use the no deposit bonus reward for some of the games or need to fulfill wagering requirements for making payout requests.

Free Spins: Free spins are the most common types of rewards online casinos offer to their players. Here you will get a pass to play the spins for free. These spins are limited and are depending upon your bonus size. It will be around 1-5 spins or more.

Cashback Bonus: Some lucky players will get a discount as a loyalty bonus in which they get a fraction of their money spent. Like if you won a 50% instant cashback bonus and spent $10 on a spin then you will get $5 credit to your account instantly as your cashback.

Loyalty bonuses you may not know about

Real Gifts – such as mobile phones and laptops: This is the most rare reward just introduced to the online casino industry. Here the lucky players will get a chance to win the smart gadgets and devices which will be directly delivered to their address in a few days. The rewards include the latest smartphone, smartwatches, laptops, PlayStations, and many more.

Holidays: The loyalty bonuses also include holiday trips and vacations in elegant locations across the world. All the expenses are covered under the bonus. All you need to do is pack your bags and enjoy your vacation. Only a few players will get a chance to win a vacation bonus.

Cash Prizes: If you are lucky enough will also get the cash rewards which will be directly transferred to your account. Some of the cash prices can be withdrawn while others can only be used to play games on the online casino sites.

Keep in mind, you will get nothing for free on the online casino. You need to make a deposit and play on a regular basis. The only reward you will get on the online casino for free is the welcome bonus. So, keep investing and play games to get loyalty bonuses and other incentives. More importantly, there is a tiered system adopted by the casinos to identify the level of loyalty to be given to the players. Let us discuss the tier system in brief.

What is the tier system for loyalty bonus?

The tier system is made just to categorize the players under the loyalty system. It is similar to the medals given in the Olympics i.e. Gold, silver, and bronze. As there are thousands of players who attained the loyalty program, it becomes difficult for the casino operators to identify who one has attained the upper levels of the loyalty system. That is why they are further divided into three categories. Here are they:

Tier 1: Tier one is also known as the entry level or base of the loyalty program where the players who have attained the loyalty program requirements will enter. You will get the basic rewards, customer service agent, free gifts, higher bonuses rates, and cashback on each of your expenditures on the casino site.

Tier 2: After getting a level up from tier one, the player will reach the tier 2 loyalty program where the facilities and rewards become higher and new features will be unlocked. This does open the gateway for players to bigger bonuses and incentives. You will get all the parks of tier one as well as a higher withdrawal limit, deposit bank, and many more premium features.

Tier 3: Tier three is the god-level loyalty program for a player. Here you will get everything the casino site can offer. All the luxury features, bonuses, cashback, deposit limits, higher withdrawals, and many more will be unlocked for you.

The newly joined members of the online casinos are included in the tier 3 and will be promoted as per their performance and activities. When you have attained enough points you will be automatically promoted to the her level tier and will observe the interesting perks and benefits.

Explains if your are eligible for a casino loyalty bonus in India

Am I eligible for a loyalty bonus?

Getting enrolled in the loyalty program varies from casino to casino, most of the casinos used to put their new players into the first tier of the loyalty program as soon as they register, the players were then promoted to higher tiers depending upon their activity and deposits. But some of the casinos used to adopt a different system, they put the players into loyalty programs only when the pauses qualify for some of the eligibility requirements.

But there is a thing to keep in mind, you will also be demoted to lower tiers as soon as you stop playing games at the casino or do not deposit funds for a long time. Also, getting a loyalty bonus or being included in the loyalty program does not mean you become a VIP member. To do so, there is a need to show your loyalty and improve the activity status on the casino site.

Difference between the VIP program and the loyalty bonus

There is a high difference between a loyalty bonus and a VIP program in the field of online casinos. For new players, these terms are subjected to a high confusion because of similar incentives. In both of the cases, you will get rewards for showing your loyalty toward the casino site. Let us know the major differences between the loyalty bonus and the VIP program.

Loyalty bonuses are the promotions from online casinos which can be claimed by the players on a regular basis. The perfect example of a loyalty bonus is the match refund, where you will get the cash rewards similar to the money you have deposited to the casino. Loyalty bonuses can be unlocked after achieving a milestone or during festival season, it can include free spins, special discounts, and cashback deals.

On the other hand, when we talk about the loyalty program, it is also achieved by showing loyalty towards the casino but the incentives are much more. You need to reach the level and meet wagering requirements every month to month using a loyalty program. These programs are specially made for the high rollers. There is nothing special in these programs but you will get higher deposits, extended withdrawal limits, and bigger bonuses, which can be afforded only by top-notch gamblers.

How do we recommend the best loyalty bonus casinos?

Our team is continuously working towards uplifting the customer satisfaction which is why we personally tested various casino sites on the basis of bigger loyalty bonuses and other factors. Most probably we consider authenticity, minimum withdrawal limits, the number of games available, and casino bonuses to rank them.

FAQ about casino loyalty bonus


  • Is loyalty bonus taxable?

    No, the loyalty bonuses are not taxable but the winnings are. All you will be transferred to your bank account after the deduction of tax i.e. around 30% currently.

  • What are the requirements for a loyalty bonus?

    Usually, the players who have satisfactory deposits in their casino account and play regularly are eligible to get the bonus rewards. Also, to get the membership of a loyalty program you need to meet all the wagering requirements and have bulk transactions and deposit in your casino account. 

  • How is loyalty bonus paid?

    Loyalty bonuses are promotional strategies of online casinos given to the players for their loyalty towards the casino. Loyalty bonus is paid in the form of various rewards like free spins, cashback offers, discounts, real cash, non cashable rewards and many more. It will be directly credited to your casino account once you are eligible.

  • How does a loyalty program work?

    Most casinos adopt a loyalty point strategy to determine whether the player is included in the loyalty program or not. There is a minimum points eligibility criteria, the players who have satisfied this cafeteria will be rewarded with the membership of loyalty program.