Teen Patti

What is teen patti game?

The teen patti online game uses a standard deck of 52 cards, where 3 to 6 players can participate in one round. As is evident from the name, this is a three-card game. The goal is to place bets before the players show cards, and of course, have the best thee-card hand. Every player is dealt three cards placed face down. A boot amount is decided upon and collected from every player – this is important as it is the minimum stake. The amount is put inside the pot, which is the money kept at the centre. The pot grows as the game goes on, and the winner hitting the jackpot takes it al home.  The winner is the player who stays in the game for the entire hand and has the highest or best hand.

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How do you play teen patti online?

As mentioned, playing teen patti is done between 3 to 6 players and with a 52-pack of cards. However, these cards won’t have a joker. Just like other rummy and poker games, online teen patti casino games start by placing of bets. After dealing cards, players decide a fixed amount. This is the boot – players’ place bets on this!

The next move in the teen patti game is to make a call or raise stakes. A call is when the player decides to continue the game, but without raising the bet. Raising, on the other hand, means, the player is adding more money in the pot. But remember, the teen patti casino game isn’t the same as poker. The bet amounts in online teen patti must be same. For instance, if a player places Rs. 100 as a bet and another bets Rs. 200, the first player must match up to the bet and add another Rs. 100.

The cash amount goes up as the game progresses. The player who stays till the completion of the hand and has the best or highest hand wins! What determines this hand? The cards are ranked from highest to lowest, which we will discuss in the next section. Here are some popular variations of teen patti online:


In this version, aces, kings, 4s and 7s of all suits are jokers or wild cards. Do you have any of these? If yes, you can exchange them for any other card for a missing number or suit. The player with the highest hand wins the game.


A hand closest to 999 takes the cake home! The value of king, queen, joker and 10 is zero. The goal is to get as close as to a certain number, which in this case is 999. So, if you get an ace, king, and nine, the final value closest to 999 is 910. 


The rules for this variation are more or less the same, but the only difference is the ranking of hands is reverse. The worst hand is the highest, and the best hand is the lowest.  

One Joker, One Bust 

Every player gets three cards, but two cards are face down. One card is a joker out of the two, while the other is a killer card. If you wish to view the joker or killer card, pay counters and make the cards active for the game. Those who don’t pay counters might not get to check the killer or joker card.

Lowest and Highest Card Joker 

The lowest value card becomes the joker, which can boost your chances of winning. For example, if you get 8, 9, and 10, the 8 becomes the joker. If there are two cards of the lowest value, they become the joker. These cards can be used to form a sequence.

The highest card joker is the exact opposite, where the card with the highest value card will act as a joker. So considering the same numbers of 8, 9, and 10, it is the 10 that becomes the joker this time.

Play teen patti online – know about card rankings

To play teen patti online, you have to be aware of the card rankings. Aces are the highest and 2 is the lowest. Here the cards in the teen patti game ranked from lowest to highest:

High Card

The three cards won’t be in a sequence, no two cards have the same value, and not all are from the same set. If two players have the same high card, the card with the next highest value decides the winner.


This is when two cards are of the same rank. If there are two pairs, the one with the highest value is the winner. The kicker’s card decides the winner if the pairs have the same value.


This is when three cards of the same suit are not in a sequence.


The cards are consecutive, but from different suits.

Straight Flush

The cards are consecutive and from the same suit.

Trail or Set

The three cards are of the same rank.

How to become a teen patti master?

To become a teen patti master you must be patient and learn the nuts and bolts of the game. The online teen patti game begins to the left of the dealer and continues clockwise. Bets go around the table as required. Players can even opt to bet nothing and fold. In case the player chooses to fold, they won’t get another chance to bet, and hence, forfeit the money in the pot. A teen patti master knows when to be the blind and seen player – take a look:

What is a blind player?

Blind players can’t look at their cards before placing bets. The bet has to be equal to, but can’t exceed twice the total in the pot. If you are the first player, the bet must be at least the same as the boot amount. Stake amount is a bet placed by a blind player, which the next player must match or exceed. But for seen players, the stake amount is only half their bet.

They can ask for a show if they wish. In this blind show, the players’ cards are made visible, and the winner takes the pot. The following criteria are a must for a show in online teen patti:

What is a seen player?

Seen players look at the cards and decide to chaal, fold, show, or sideshow. To stay in the game, the players have to play chaal. The player places a wager in the pot, which has to be 2-4 times that of the current stake, or the boot if they are the first to go. If the player prior to the chaal was blind, their bet is the stake amount. If the player before was observed, their half of the bet is now the stake.

A seen player can opt to call for a show, by adhering to the teen patti game rules (discussed below). A sideshow is another choice. This is when a player compares cards to the last players. However, this is applicable only if the previous player was a seen player and there is more than one player in the game. The amount for a sideshow is double of the present stake. The previous player has the right to accept or deny the sideshow.

A player must fold immediately if the previous player accepts the sideshow and has better cards. If you have cards that are superior to others, they must concede. The turn then shifts to the following player after a player folds. If the sideshow is denied, the game goes on as usual.

Rules for online teen patti

How to win and lose on teen patti?

Please remember that like other casino games, teen patti online means there will be wins and losses involved. Here are some tips while playing teen patti (real cash):

It is best to begin small

Place small initial bets and increase them gradually. It helps stretch the bankroll and play more hands. Needless to say, the more hands you play the more chances you have to win and take home some good cash. It is necessary to have a long run while playing teen patti, for maximized winnings. This strategy is good for both beginners and pros, as it prevents them from running through the bankroll quickly. Raise bets only when you have some control of the proceedings.

Always play blind

As you already know, it is a bet without seeing your cards. Play as many blind bets as your bankroll and common sense allows. When you follow this strategy, you raise stakes for the other players. When stakes are high, players often let emotions take over. Those with a weak hand are more likely to fold, so it leaves the table open for players with better hands. The blind bet doesn’t hurt your bankroll much if table limits are low or hands start with small bets.

Remember that no cards are “bad”

Please keep in mind that there are no bad cards in the teen patti online game. You have to guess the cards of competitors. Players often make the mistake of behaving recklessly – they fold or increase bets without considering the repercussions. You might find players folding even though they have a better than you. It is an excellent chance to win a hand, even if you don’t have “good” cards.

Practice makes perfect

Remember that the concept of the game might sound simple, but it takes time to become a teen patti master. You must outplay the other players with your skills, confidence, and ingenuity – you can hone these traits with practice only. The more you practice, the better you get when it comes to strategy and execution. 

Control your emotions

Emotions during the teen patti online game can interfere with logical thoughts, leading to rash decisions. Imagine betting excessively with weak cards due to being extremely complacent or folding too fast due to fear of losing! If needed, take a break, and then rejoin the game with a clear mind. A teen patti master knows when to stop.

Stop being predictable

If you become predictable at a teen patti online game, it affects your chances. Remember, just like you watch other players, they are zeroed in on you too. They are quick to understand certain patterns and styles in the way you play. Do you have a habit of raising stakes if you get good hands? Or do you fold too early with bad cards? Rest assured, the competitors will figure it out, and deny you that advantage the next time!

Sideshows matter

The sideshows are introduced for a reason. Use the sideshow bet to increase the winning amount. This is more helpful when you are confident of getting better cards than the person to whom you have asked for a sideshow.

Please manage the bankroll properly

If you have a larger bankroll, it helps absorb losses, while prolonging the game. As mentioned, the longer you play the more chances you must win, and cover losses. The betting bankroll should ideally be around 20% of your total winnings. Please don’t borrow money to play or place bets that you can’t afford. Set a limit prior to the beginning of the game, and don’t exceed it. Responsible gambling is a must.

Don’t forget to observe the game after folding

Often, players tend to forfeit a weak hand way too quickly and divert attention. It is a natural instinct to leave an online teen patti game after folding as there is nothing to hold their interest anymore. But it is imperative to stay observant even after giving up the cards. It gives you an opportunity to observe how your competitors play. You can learn a lot about strategies and how to play better the next time.

What is teen patti live casino?

Teen patti live casino is a live version of online teen patti, where a real dealer guides you. They sit at a teen patti table, while the game is live streamed in high quality video to your device. The game goes on in real-time, which boosts the thrill factor. Remember, in teen patti live, there are only two hands that play each round and there are two types of games:

How to play teen patti (real cash)?

There are many sites where you can play teen patti (real cash). However, some sites require an extra conversion fee to play with Indian rupees. Here is what you should do to play teen patti (real cash):

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Teen patti FAQs

  • Does a losing streak mean the dealer has given bad cards?

    If you are playing teen patti regulated site, they will always play fair and use advanced software to distribute cards randomly. So there is no chance of the dealer giving “bad cards”. However, there is a possibility that other players at the table are friends and discuss cards offline. If you feel that something isn’t quite right, try your luck at another table with different players. But card distribution at credible sites is always fair.

  • What are the best hands in teen patti?

    The ranking of hands at teen patti casinos is – Three of a Kind, Straight Flush, Sequence, Colour, Pair, and High Card (from highest to lowest).

  • Why play a teen patti live game?

    For those who wish to visit a land-based casino, but can’t, a teen patti live game is the next best choice. The outcome can be seen at the table in real-time, while you can talk to the dealer using built-in chat options. The video quality of such games is amazing and gives the feel of being in a real casino. The best part is that teen patti live is fair and doesn’t involve any cheating due to the action being in real-time.

  • Is poker and teen patti the same?

    It is a common mistake to think that both card games are same. Teen patti is a game of chance, but poker requires serious skills that heavily relies on studying pot odds, manipulating minds of players, betting strategically, and emotional intelligence.

  • What is limited and unlimited stake?

    A limited stake at teen patti casinos has a limit to the amount a player can wager at a given time. For instance, if Rs. 2 is selected as the boot amount, a player can bet on a maximum of four blinds. The maximum chaal is Rs. 256, while the pot limit is fixed at Rs. 2048. After the pot limit is reached in teen patti online, players must show their cards, and the winner is declared accordingly. Unlimited stakes are when there is no restriction on the boot amount, and the stakes go up as the game progresses. When playing teen patti (real cash), it is best not to overplay while starting out.

  • What is loose vs. tight play?

    Players often tend to play hands beyond the first round or fold right away – it is known as loose or tight play. A tight play is when a player knows to fold weak hands, while a loose play is when a player wagers more of these hands and plays till the showdown.

Teen patti online can be a fun, yet addictive, so make sure you know when to stop, or else you could end up losing a huge amount of money!