Low wagering casino bonuses

Casino bonuses are offered for the marketing purpose. Both the online casino and players benefit from these bonuses. The players will get additional resources and perks to play with higher bets, on the other hand, the bonuses work like the promotions for online casinos which attract new players. But things are not easy that way. It is easy to claim the bonus as the players just need to fulfill some eligibility criteria like making a deposit, completing a challenge, or any achievement.

The main issue arises in utilizing the bonus amount or making a payout request. It is difficult to cash out the bonus funds. As they are casino funds and come with certain limitations and restrictions. One of such limitations is wagering requirements. A user needs to meet these requirements in order to make payout requests and withdraw the bonus. Even to withdraw the winnings made using bonus amounts is also subjected to wagering requirements. Here in this article, we will know more about low wagering casino bonuses.

Information about low wagering casino bonuses in Inida

What are low wagering casino bonuses?

Casino bonuses come along with some wagering requirements which are like players need to use the funds 30× to make the payout request. For example, if your casino account is credited with $100 as a casino bonus with 10× wagering requirements then you need to use the funds for playing gambling ten times to withdraw your winnings, i.e. you need to play with around $1000 of your own funds to withdraw that $100 and winnings made by them. But the wagering requirements are not all bad. Some bonuses offered by online casinos come with fewer wagering requirements and are known as low wagering casino bonuses.

Most of the casinos used to introduce bonuses with unfair wagering requirements which are impossible to fulfill, these are just to attract the new players. But some top casinos used to offer low wagering casino bonuses to their players. These wagering requirements are easy to accomplish and the funds can be withdrawn instantly. For new players, it is difficult to find such casinos which is why we recommend you to choose any of the best low wagering casino bonuses listed on our site.

Types of low wagering casino bonuses

The low wagering casino bonuses are further differentiated into different types on the basis of their size and variations. Some of the most common types of low wagering bonuses offered by online casinos are mentioned below, let’s have a look: 

Low wagering free spins:

Free spins are also known as the best friend of players who used to play slots. Free spins are offered with low wagering requirements for the winners. Whether the low-wagering free spins can be used on all slots or not is entirely dependent upon the terms and conditions of the bonus. If there are new slots, the free spins give you access to play them as well, and it is the most fascinating thing about them.

Most slot games are theme based and are offered accordingly like Norse mythology, Greek Gods, or space-styled video slots, Egypt-themed, Hindu mythology, Indus-valley theme, and many more. Slots are also presented to promote a new upcoming game. Low wagering Free spins come with certain value points like 30p, 20p, or 10p, where every slot game has a participation point requirement.

Low wagering welcome bonus:

The welcome bonus is offered to the players on depositing funds and contains two or more rewards sometimes like free spins and non-cashable deposits. For example, if you make a deposit of $100, then you get a 100% match bonus and 100p free spins.

In most online casinos, the free spins come with low wagering requirements whereas the match bonus comes with higher wagering requirements because the casino is offering their own funds to the players. As to prevent abuse of the bonus wagering requirements are necessary.

Low wagering referral bonus:

For promotional purposes, the online casinos have a referral program where the existing players can invite their friends or known to earn exciting rewards which are known as referral bonuses. A referral bonus may include free spins, cashback, reward multiplier, and sometimes cashable money as well.

Low wagering deposit bonus:

As we all know that the deposit bonus is offered in a certain percentage of the deposit made by the players. It can be 100% to 300% in some top casinos. There is a minimum deposit limit imposed on the low wagering deposit bonus like a player is eligible for the deposit bonus only if he deposits above $50.

Keep in mind, a higher deposit bonus reward means the higher wagering requirements. This is also depending upon the deposit like if you make a deposit of $50 to $100, the wagering requirements are lower i.e. 30× but in case you make a deposit of $2000, the wagering requirements are also higher, it can be 50× or 60×. As we have always recommended before entering any casino or claiming any bonus make sure to read all the terms and conditions.

Low wagering loyalty bonus:

The daily active players or those who have made huge deposits are included in the loyalty program. Below are the universal dummy eligibility criteria to get the loyalty program:

Why choose a low wagering casino bonus?

We all know that almost every bonus offered by an online casino has some wagering requirements even if the casino is calling them non wagering bonuses. This is because watering requirements prevent the players from abusing the bonus for their benefits, as this can cause serious losses to the casino. However, the new casinos that are just getting registered as authorized online casinos have taken the concept of wagering requirements too far and present around 60× to 100× wagers in front of their players. It is impossible to get something from the bonus for the players.

The bad thing is that there are a few casinos too which do not even provide descriptions and clarify the players about the wagering requirements. This is the biggest reason for us entering promotions and accepting any bonus without even knowing about it. And when the player came to know about the unfair terms and conditions of the bonus, they started to ignore and decline every bonus and visit the promotional page. As claiming such bonuses can lead to more disappointment than their benefits.

The benefits of low wagering casino bonuses

Here come the low wagering casino bonuses, which are beneficial and easy to meet wagering requirements. Such bonuses are only offered by the reputed casinos as they want you to win something and have a long term relationship or loyalty with the online casino. Usually, the bonuses that come with around 20× wagering requirements can be considered as low wagering casino bonuses. As achieving such milestones is easy for all the players, even the new ones. However, whether the bonus gives you profit or loss is entirely dependent upon your luck and betting strategy. The low wagering requirements just make it easy for you to withdraw the winning if you have made any.

But if the wagering requirements are low and other terms and conditions creep then the bonus is worthless. Other terms and conditions include an expiry period, limitations of bonus, minimum winnings, and many more. For example, a bonus of $100 with 20× wagering requirements is worthless if it has a minimum winning limit of $120. That means you need to spend and risk your $2000 in order to withdraw your $100 bonus amount and $20 winning amount. Keep in mind that the casinos that have low wagering requirements always have low bonus amounts.

How to claim a low wagering bonus?

Mostly the procedure of claiming all the bonuses is similar in online casinos. The same with the low-wagering casino bonuses. But keep in mind there are some points to follow while claiming the bonus as it will avoid all kinds of issues and later disappointment, below mentioned are the steps, let’s have a look:

  1. Choose any of the offers as mentioned on our site, it will direct you to the best low wagering bonus casinos.
  2. Now, read out all the terms and conditions of the offer, and make sure all the terms and conditions are according to you.

Usually, the format of terms and conditions is something like that, “minimum deposit $30. First deposit only, 20× playthrough requirements for a cash bonus, valid only for “game names” and for 15 days. terms and conditions apply.

  1. Now, press the get offer option to claim the low wagering bonus.
  2. You will receive a bonus in your promotions at the online casino.
  3. Make the deposit of the minimum deposit requirement.
  4. The bonus is yours now, enjoy the amount and perks of the bonus received without any risk of worrying about high wagering requirements.

However, the wagering requirements are lower as compared to other bonuses, but keep in mind you still need to meet them all within the time period provided. Otherwise, the bonus will automatically disappear along with the winnings made using the bonus amount.

Things to keep in mind

There are a few things that need to be kept in mind while claiming the low wagering casino bonuses. Here are a few of them, let’s have a look:


Low wagering casino bonuses are a great way to play games without having the risk of losing your funds. Moreover, after completing the wagering requirements you can easily withdraw your winning as well as bonus amount.

FAQ about low wagering casino bonuses


  • Can we win in the online casino?

    Yes, there are chances of you winning in online casinos because it is a game of luck and chance. Moreover, if a bet is placed with proper strategy and is lucky enough, you will definitely win. Mostly, the chances of winning in online casinos are higher as compared to the offline casinos. Because the number of players is higher and winnings bids are in million sometimes.
    But keep in mind that profit and loss are the basic principles of online casinos so, make sure to bid only with the savings or additional available amount.

  • What are rollover requirements?

    To prevent the bonus from being abused by the players, there are certain terms and conditions applied to the bonuses by online casinos. One of these wagering requirements is the rollover requirement. A player needs to satisfy this requirement to make the payout request and withdraw their winnings.

  • What is the minimum wagering requirement offered by online casinos?

    When it comes to the wagering requirements, all the terms and conditions vary from casino to casino. As per our experience and research the minimum wagering requirements that can be offered by any online casino range between 10× to 30×.

  • What does the 10×, 30×, and 50× wagering requirement mean in online casinos?

    There are some terms and conditions applied by the online casinos on the bonuses offered to the players to prevent the bonuses from being abused. These requirements are like 10×, 30×, or 50×. Here, these are the playthrough requirements. That means players need to wager 10 times, 20 times, or 50 times to make a payout request.
    For if the bonus amount is $100 and the wagering requirements are 10× then the player needs to wager 10×100 = $1000 to withdraw the winnings.