Definitions of Poker Terms: Read, Runner-Runner and Rainbow

March 8, 2022
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Poker is a card game that involves betting with chips and placing them face up. This is a unique and very exciting game, rich in vocabulary. To improve skills in Poker, players need to understand the jargon of Poker.

Poker is a world that can be confusing, even if you are a master of Poker. You may have gained a lot of knowledge from reading books on poker strategy. Still, if you need help understanding the meaning of a specific poker term properly, it will be frustrating.

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In Poker, you will find many different and confusing poker terms that make this card game so exciting and enjoyable. Three common poker terms are “Read,” “Runner-Runner,” and “Rainbow.” If you become well-acquainted with these three terms, you’ll be an eligible player to navigate the world of Poker with the spirit and confidence of a winning player.


In Poker, the term “Read” refers to a player’s ability to obtain information about their opponents’ likely hands based on their behaviour, betting patterns, and body language. A skilled player can pick up on subtle cues and anticipate the strength or weakness of their opponent’s hands. This valuable information allows them to adjust their strategy accordingly.

Developing a good grip on your opponents requires sufficient experience and observation. By paying attention to how players place bets or react in certain situations, you can understand their tendencies, enabling you to make more informed decisions. A successful lesson can help you cheat effectively when you need to. As a result, you may get an edge over your opponents.


“Runner-runner” in Poker is a term used to describe a particular scenario in Poker where a player needs to hold two specific consecutive cards on the turn and river to complete a winning hand. It often refers to capturing two consecutive cards of the same suit to complete a flush.

The chances of hitting a runner-up are generally low, and relying on it to win a hand can be risky. However, this sometimes happens. But, when it does, it could lead to dramatic changes in the poker game. Skilled players know when to draw a “Runner-Runner” and when to fold based on their knowledge of the odds and their assessment of the current position.


In Poker, the term “Rainbow” or “Rainbow Board” refers to a flop consisting of three suits. For example, if the flop comes down the 2 of hearts, the 7 of clubs, and the Queen of Diamonds, it is considered a rainbow flop. The term “Rainbow” is used for a variation of the suit on the board, indicating that the probability for a player to complete a flush in subsequent betting rounds is low.

The Rainbow flop affects the dynamics of the game. Because players with suited hole cards will be less inclined to chase flushes. Bluffing is often easier when the flop is a Rainbow. And this is because the absence of flush possibilities makes it less likely for rivals to have strong hands.

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Luck Matters a Lot in Poker

Poker is one of the best and most popular card games in the world that you can play with millions of players worldwide. The number of poker players is increasing day by day in India. However, luck is an important part of the poker card game. If luck is with you, this game can make you rich by earning real cash. It is truly a card game where luck is as important as skill.

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